Friday, March 24, 2006

Sixteen Pandas...

Someone in my DTC group posted these darling photos of baby pandas born in China late last year and I think they are just about the cutest thing ever! They look like little stuffed animals.


Carrie & Family said...

OMG! They are adorable. It makes me want to pick one up and squeeze it.
Your right about how they look like stuff animals.

They are such beautiful animals.


Kim said...

Absolutely beautiful animals. I just want to cuddle one...until I look at those toenails!

rubyiscoming said...

I'm in a grumpy mood today (stalking the CCAA site) and this totally cheered me up - what gorgeous shots! :)

Lisa and Tate said...

Ahhhhh- I want one... they look so cute and snuggly... Hope we get to see Panda when we pick up our girls!!!


Tammy said...

How sweet. They sure do look cuddly.

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Karen said...

OMG those arethe cutest little guys I have ever seen.