Thursday, August 31, 2006

Secret Pal Strikes Again!

Our August theme was Keeping Baby Safe, and Lauren sure will be safe now! First of all, check out how my Pal decorated the shipping box...each side is different.

The box was filled with little gifts wrapped in red tissue...

and each had their own tag with a hint of what was inside.

Here's the hints and what the gifts were:
  • Would Lauren be safe if she was swinging like a monkey in front of the window when you weren't looking? - cord wind-ups for blinds

  • Would Lauren be safe if her momma couldn't see her big brown eyes on the way to the park with Addy & Lucy? - rear view mirror for the car so I can see Lauren in the back seat

  • Would Lauren be safe if she decided to walk out of the house late one night to go visit one of her China sisters? - adorable soft, Asian doll for Lauren to hug

  • Would Lauren be safe from the fashion police if she didn't have these? - totally cute barrettes

  • Would Lauren be safe is she unbuckled her car seat and climbed up front to drive with her momma? - "Hands off" buckle covers (pretty cool idea!)

  • Would Lauren be safe if she had nothing to cover that beautiful skin of hers? - totally adorable, Asian style PJ's

  • Would Lauren feel safe at home if she knew one of her little China sisters was here with her? - door knob covers. This one also says it's a clue to who my Pal is. Hmmmm....wonder if this means it's someone who will be in China when we are?

  • Would Lauren be safe if she accidentally gave herself a shocking frizzy perm? - shock guards for the outlets

  • Would Lauren be safe running across the room to give her momma a big kiss with hair in her eyes? - snag free rubber bands

My favorite items are this adorable doll...

and these oh so cute Asian inspired PJ's...

Thank you, Secret Pal, you are the best!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Scrapbooking day...

I had a really nice day over Michele's house today. We had lunch, tried out her Cricut machine and I put together a scrapbook layout for my exchange this month.

First of all, Michele is such a perfect hostess....for lunch she served baked salmon, veggie lasagna, and a spinach salad. Later on we had cream puffs with berries in Grand Marnier. Everything was so tasty and the dessert was wonderful!!

For those of you interested in the Cricut, here's a sample of what you can do with it. We cut out the ovals first (they have slits on them to feed the ribbon), then the shadow background for the letters, then the actual letters. It's really easy to use and pretty quick. If you like to use die cuts on your layouts, I think you would love this machine.

Here's the layout I put together, with some help from Michele, for my exchange this month. Michele had a great idea that I had never tried before...she put a tiny piece of foil in the center of the mirror embellishment to make it reflective. Very cute...that's an idea I will definitely use again.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scrapbook swap...

I received my August layout from Sara of the Ladybug Hunters Scrapbook Club. Our theme this month is Bath Time. Check out this adorable layout! I love the hidden journaling tag and the adorable embellishments.

Sara, thank you very much for this's a great addition to my album!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Post-referral sunshine...

Through all this post-referral depression, there is a shining light...Christi finally has her referral to Abbey!!! She is simply adorable.

Congratulations, Christi, your day has finally come and I'm so happy for you!!!

Referrals are in...

Just got an e-mail from our agency saying that they received 10 referrals today for LID's between 7/14/05 and 7/22/05. All babies are from the Guangdong province, so an extra five days in China for all these families.

So the CCAA ONLY matched 9 days worth of LID's since last month. Ughhh!!! So families with a 7/23 LID are now firmly planted at a 14 month wait! Wow, to think that the wait was 6-8 months when we started all this last year!

I wish we knew the CCAA's grand plan for things. This waiting each month to see how many referrals crank out is for the birds!! I'm getting flashbacks of waiting each month to dip the stick for the pregnancy test....only this may be worse because it's so TOTALLY out of our control!

Sorry, I'm just suffering from post-referral depression (PRD). Kind of like PMS, only no meds will help! I'm pretty much 100% sure you all can relate. ;)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nothing much new, except my blog look...

Nothing much is going on lately and since I can't get motivated to do house projects, why not create a new look for my blog. A girl needs a change every once in a while, right?

One of our local FCC-AZ Waiting Families, Nancy & Brian, just started a blog for their journey to Lily. They were LID last August 26th, so the stork is due to fly for them sometime soon! Check out their pretty blog Lily of the Valley, which was designed by another local waiting momma, Heather.

Although I have nothing new and exciting going on, there must be some excitement in Blogville. Anyone care to share?

Oh, by the way, do you guys find it strange that with all the computer savvy that Blogger has, they can't seem to figure out how to make the post spell checker ignore the words "blog" and "blogger." Just think that's kinda funny.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

6 Month Anniversary...

We have been logged in for six months today, so if things don't slow down any further we're at the half-way point to referral...woohoo!! This month is also our one year anniversary of submitting our application to adopt from China.

I can remember watching National Geographic's China's Lost Girls last July and thinking about all those abandoned children and that maybe one of those children could be our daughter. Over the last year, each day seemed to tick by oh so slowly, but overall it seems like just a flash and here we are now. It's funny how that happens.

I'm thinking that this six month mark might give us the motivation to get our projects done at home so we can move onto putting together the nursery. I've been wanting to paint and redecorate our master bedroom and bath, then clear out our junk room before starting the nursery. Usually I'm right on top of any kind of redecorating project with no procrastination, but for some reason I just haven't been moving forward with these projects.

Lately, I've been thinking that maybe subconsciously I'm afraid to move forward for fear of actually getting everything done and being ready to do the nursery. There's something about getting the nursery together that scares me a if the nursery is done, we're going too far and what if something happens with the adoption. I know it's not practical to wait until we get our referral to do everything, but it seems like it's still not "real" enough to proceed.

Has anyone else been stuck at this same point? If so, how did you get past it? Any words of wisdom from Blogville?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good wishes just in...

Check out the latest additions to Lauren's Good Wishes Book here.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Lucy loves her daddy. Anytime Joe sits on the chair in the family room, Lucy is by his side.

If he stops petting her, she sits up and lifts her paw.

When she really wants to lay on the charm, she leans her head against the chair and gives him an adoring look that can't be resisted.

What would we all do without our furbabies?? They really do help us through this wait, don't they?

If you have a cute photo of your furbaby, leave a comment here and post a photo...I'd love to see your baby too. ;)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Box came from Salt Lake...

Check out what I bought for Lauren's room while in Salt Lake here.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Had a great time in Salt Lake...

I'm back from Salt Lake City and had a fabulous time with my bloggy friends! Lisa W. was the perfect hostess and gave us a whirlwind tour of Salt Lake.

She picked me up at the airport on Friday at noon and we headed back to her place. She has an absolutely adorable 1920's's so charming and full of character. Her street has great big trees and lots of greenery, very different than my neighborhood here in Arizona.

Lisa S. and Mary-Mia also arrived on Friday and we all headed up to Park City, a ski town which was home to the 2002 Olympic skiing events. We stopped by Olympic Park to check out the site of the ski jump and bob-sleigh events. After that we had a nice, leisurely lunch (of course, Mary-Mia had tacos) and did some shopping.

On Saturday morning, Lisa W.'s mom, Sunny, came over to make us all a special treat for breakfast. She made the most wonderful Norwegian pancakes that we filled with butter, jam, and sour cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar...YUM!

As we were finishing breakfast, Tiffany, who also lives in Salt Lake, and Julie, who's flight had just gotten in, arrived at Lisa's. Since all the Utah trip bloggy ladies were all together, Mary-Mia and Lisa S. gave us some goodies they had brought along.

Mary-Mia had these adorable little shirts printed up with our daughters' names on them and Lisa S. gave us each a goodie bag filled with fun stuff....mine had ladybug playing cards, an adorable photo album and a ladybug memo cube.

We spent the day doing some shopping and then we stopped by Tiffany's house, which was built in the 1950's. She's done lots of renovating and the place is really cute. Just like Lisa's place, it's filled with lots of great character.

Here's Lisa W. with Tiffany's baby, Beau.

Saturday night we had some great Thai food and Lisa S., Lisa W., Julie, and I stayed up late chatting and was a really nice evening.

Sunday morning we all met up and saw the weekly performance of the Mormon Tabernacle was a beautiful and touching performance. This is the longest running weekly broadcasted performance in history and they have it down to a science. It was quite a treat to see them perform live.

Mary-Mia had to head out to catch her flight after that, and Lisa W., Lisa S., Julie, and I took a walk through Temple Square. After that, Lisa S. drove us up to the Snowbird ski resort and we took this massive tram ride up to the top of the tallest peak (12,000 ft elevation). I was pretty nervous on the tram, but it sure was beautiful once we got up there. The next thing on our agenda was the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island State Park where antelope and buffalo roam free. We didn't see any antelope, but we drove through a big heard of buffalo including a momma with her two babies. They crossed the road right in front of us and were just about 10 feet away....pretty cool. We had a full day on Sunday, so we just chilled out that night and took it slow and relaxed a little on Monday.

Lisa W., thank you so much for opening your home to us and spending your time keeping us entertained. I so enjoyed meeting you and Mesa, who by the way, is the sweetest dog ever! Mesa really is 90lbs of snuggle fun as Lisa has said before on her blog...I definitely found that out first hand as Mesa came in to say good-night my first night there.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Great weekend ahead....

Well, I head out tomorrow morning to Salt Lake City for a girl's weekend with some bloggy friends. I can't wait to meet Lisa W, Julie, Lisa S, Mary-Mia, and Tiffany!

It seems so strange that I'm actually going to meet these ladies. I've been e-mailing back and forth with Lisa W. and Julie for many months now and we have been following along on each others' journey. Blogville is a funny feel like you really get to know people through their blogs. When I started this journey, I never imagined that I would actually be heading off to meet bloggy friends who are such a big part of my support network. I originally started poking around on the internet just to get some adoption questions answered and I quickly discovered a whole world of support and friendship.

By the way, Lisa W, I got my hair chopped so I'm glad you recently posted some photos of yourself on your blog so I can recognize you at the airport! Otherwise, you would be holding up a limo driver sign that says "Looking for Lauren's Momma". ;)