Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cute Outfits...

This is the last day off from the mini-vacation I took to visit with my Dad. Tomorrow it's back to work...ughhhh!

I headed over to the outlet mall to return something and instantly got sucked in like a vacuum to the brand new Gymboree outlet store. The deals turned out to be not that great, but of course once I was in there with all the adorable outfits I had to get some things.

I got a few things from their "froggy" collection, which was on the clearance rack. I love this one piece outfit and this shirt.

I think this embroidered froggy detail is so cute.

I also got this little navy blue dress with darling little pleats along the bottom with little embroidered frogs along the hem.

This little bohemian style outfit wasn't on the clearance rack, but at least it was 20% off.

I wasn't intending to get anything that wasn't on clearance, but I was in the baby clothes shopping "zone" and it was one of those days when it just felt good to buy baby stuff. I think most waiting mommas can relate. ;)


Stacy said...

Those are SO cute!! I love the froggy collection!

Susan and Riz said...

Donna, don't feel bad Gymboree is hard to resist. Everything is adorable.

Susan R

Robin said...

Love the new outfits! I love going to look at Gymboree too but haven't purchased anything yet since I have no idea when our referral will be (winter/summer) Maybe once I'm out of the review room, I can relax a bit and start looking. :-)

Susan said...

I bought that blue froggy dress for Olivia online while we were in China. It was an AWESOME deal so I ordered in 3 different sizes. She's outgrown two of them and is wearing the last one now. I love the Gymboree outlet store and don't forget if you get their visa you save an extra 5% - no Gymbucks there, though. In NC it's most of the sales tax :) I stay super in tune with their website b/c you can get some mighty fine deals.

Super duper cute!

Doris & Dan said...

Those are adorable!

I am headed to New Hampshire in April with friends & I really look forward to hitting the Gymboree outlet as we do not have them here.

Keep smilin!

redmaryjanes said...

Love these outfits!
I saw some changes that reminded me of you on Cathing Butterflies blog. Is that the one you needed help with? Is it ok now? My husband is not cooperating with getting me those instructions :)
Let me know.

Made in China said...

Great finds!! I love the froggy's too!

Too bad we don't have Gymboree here!

C.J. said...

Beutiful stuff...I have that froggy outfit too!

Anonymous said...

Where is the outlet store? Let me know the next time you go - I am there! Great taste, love your picks and Lauren will be ready for a fashion show! ;)

Kathy and Joel said...

Outta control CUTE! I was in Gymboree on Monday afternoon and just couldn't bring myself to buy a single thing. Everything was so incredily cute, but we are so far from referral that I felt I would jinx myself. I love their clothes!