Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brain fog and fish tacos...

Tonight we had one of our favorite weeknight dinners courtesy of Costco. We get the frozen, breaded talapia and cut each piece into three strips once it's baked. We have it with flour or corn tortillas, shredded cheese, home-made salsa and shredded cabbage. Quick and yummy fish tacos! Gotta love Costco.

Well, so far this week I feel like I'm walking around in a fog. Is this a normal feeling for the weeks before referral? It's getting harder and harder to concentrate on any one thing for any period of time. My mind keeps wandering off to so many things:

  • Is our file sitting on someones desk just waiting to be matched?
  • What will Lauren look like?
  • How old will she be?
  • What province is she in?
  • Is she healthy?
  • Is she in an orphanage or with foster parents?
  • Is she being taken care of?
  • Did she have any of the tainted formula?
  • Is she getting enough to eat?
  • Is someone playing with her and caring for her?
  • Where was she left and was there a note?
  • Will she accept us as her parents?
  • How will she adjust to her new life?

The list goes on and on and it's getting harder and harder to focus at work and on anything that's not adoption related for that matter. Is this normal or is this just me?


Anonymous said...

i think it's totally normal! or anyway - i was the same way, both times. i remember saying i had the attention span of a flea on speed...and it didn't get any better after referal! can't wait to see lauren.

toni - long time lurker

OziMum said...

I have no doubt that you and Lauren have been matched - you are sitting nicely together (in your files) in a postage envelope... just waiting to be sent out!!!

I'm the same (in a fog!) and we're not even a "sure thing" for Nov! Its the whole "what if" thing, that's killin' me!!!

Enjoy your last few weeks as "two"! I know its hard... but try and sleep in!!!! Coz trust me - that won't be happening in a few short weeks!!!

Can't wait to see Lauren! Eeeekkkk! Less than 2 weeks?!!

Jacquie said...

Yep, totally normal. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I had so much fun prereferral and tried to burn that time into my brain so I never forget. It goes so fast! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see Lauren!

Catherine said...

Wasn't too sure about the fish tacos until I read how you made them...yummy!

I'm guessing your fog is totally normal friend! So much to think about, question and wonder about but not for long! Wahoo! Still holding out for a late October referral batch. That would be neat and many of your questions would be answered!!

Shannon said...

It's completely normal to be in a fog. I don't even remember last October, except that I stalked RQ like 25 times a day. (and that isn't an exaggeration!) I'm getting so excited for you!!! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Dinner looks great. I hope your fog lifts quickly!

Norma said...

It's normal honey. Big breathe.........you are so close to having all your questions answered!!!!

3D said...

Sounds normal to me! Soon you will have the answers to your questions!!!

Keep smilin!

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

I can only answer 2 of your Q's -- the last 2 Q's you listed and the answers are YES and GREAT!

Janet said...

I am TOTALLY going to try those tacos! YUM!


PIPO said...

Normal. I'm a fog head and I'm not even next!

Not much longer now...:0)

Doreen said...

of course it's normal and you are sooooo close now.

Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

Julie said...

It's normal! And will soon switch to parent related fog once she is home.

; )

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

Yes. It is normal. Just wait until you get notice that your package has shipped. I spent an entire evening and morning at work clicking on the refresh button to see where it was. I was oblivious to everything that went on that day.


Carol said...

Checking in on a friends computer!! STILL waiting for my computer back from the shop!!! I'm so lost!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I can't even imagine how you are feeling.
But I can't wait to find out..
You will do fine and you will be a WONDERFUL Mommy.
Send me an email with your address.. You won over on my giveaway.
Hugs girly.
Have a Great Weekend..
I know you will be getting things ready for your little girl..

Laura and Dan said...

Donna, I have felt that way for over a year thinking "any day now" we can go pick up Domi. Surprisingly, now that we are close I find myself totally relaxed and kind of procrastinating on final preparations - safety proofing the house, buying car seat, stroller, baby gates, etc., deep cleaning the entire house... you get the picture. I am excited that we will both be Mommies very soon! :) Take care, Laura

Diana said...

I love fish tacos. I will have to try that:)
I am sooo excited for you!!!

Colleen said...

Donna how about a little distraction? Hop over to my Orations blog (www.omchorations.blogspot.com)as I just tagged you!

ALso you need to check Izzie's blog. We had a special guest last Saturday!

rubyiscoming said...

Focus?? What focus? I'm going MAD here just waiting.....c'mon October, move it along :)

Ava Baby said...

You think your attention span is short now, just wait until you have a vision of Lauren dancing around in your head. I mentally checked out of work upon receiving my referral. All I wanted to do was make list after list of everything I still needed to buy, everything I needed to pack, what I wanted to complete in the house before travel, etc. It's great!! I found the time between referral and travel flew by. ENJOY!!

Diana said...

Can I have your salsa recipe. Mine is more chunker then yours and even if I blended it more I do not think mine would be as red (if that makes sence)

Shannon said...

Ahhh, the fog. At least it means you are NEXT!!!!!
As for the questions, I hope some are answered. I still have so many unanswered. When opening my referral I was so full of joy and yet in the back of my mind I was so sad. My E. was somewhere for about two months before going to the SWI. That just makes me cry everytime I think about it.
I do know the answer to your accepting you as parents. She is gonna love you to pieces! =)

Sophia's Mama said...

It wont be long now the wait is almost over and you will have the answers to all of your questions..In the mean time TAG you are it go check out my blog...