Saturday, November 01, 2008

Next week!

I feel like I'm totally watching the clock today waiting for next week to come. These last days before referral are brutal!

This weekend Joe and I need to decide how we are going to handle it when the call comes in. We really want to be together and at home if possible. This is hard since the call will come out of the blue and we both work. We are debating between two options right now and can use some advice from those who have BTDT. Assuming the call comes to me at work:

Option 1 - Take the call and conference Joe in; put the call on speaker phone; have a co-worker do the video taping; and have our agency e-mail the photo to both of us at work so we can see it separately, but at the same time.

Option 2 - Take the call and tell our agency that we'll call them back; both of us head come and have my mom meet us there; call the agency back and take the call together with my mom video taping.

I want to go with Option 2, but it hinges on Joe being able to leave work at a moments notice (not likely) and what time the call comes in. If it comes in later in the day, the agency may not be opened still by the time we get home (there's a two hour time difference). Those of you who have been through the call...can you give me your opinion on this?

So, here I sit waiting for Monday to come and hoping for a rumor that referrals are on the way!! I'm getting SOOO anxious! How old is she, what does she look like, is she healthy, where is she now? I have a million questions running through my mind. I feel like I can't concentrate on anything else until I get these answers.

Well, onto another subject...we dressed up in a 60's theme at work this year and decorated the office complete with beaded curtains in our office doorways. Here we are (I'm the hippie in the skirt)...

We have been dressing up every year. Here we are last year. We try to have fun and laugh whenever possible...if we didn't loosen up once in a while we'd probably snap!


LindaJ said...

tick tock!!! it's finally your turn congrats!!!
I cannot wait to see her either.

Dana E. said...

I vote for option #2!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I vote for option 2 also.. but I know what you mean about leaving at a moments notice..
I am sooo excited..
I am sooo sure that I will be going crazy too..
LOVE the costumes..
Have a FAST Weekend..

Jacquie said...

Ok, first of all, before you can decide you need to know a couple of things. Does your agency call the same day referrals are delivered to them from DHL? My agency calls the same day but the basics (name, age, province, etc.) must first be translated, so the call came in the early afternoon after the referral package was delivered first thing that morning. Second, will you be able to track the package and know which day it will be delivered? Knowing all this will help you decide. Personally, I'd want to be at home for the call but it's all what you're comfortable with. And what's feasible with you guys' work schedule. The only problem I see with option two is the time difference and your agency possibly being closed by the time you're both home. Ugh. Talk about a sleepless night.

AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! You're next!!!! So excited for you!!!

OziMum said...

I was going to say Option 2 sounds good! But then Joe obviously needs to go home too!!!

Isn't the silence just maddening?!!

:) Really looking forward to next week!

Great "hippy" pic!

Karsynn's Mommy...Sammi said...


Referral time is always so nerve racking. We'll be watching. Remember, don't worry about everything being perfect. Just live in the moment. You'll be so overwhelmed with emotions, that it won't matter in the end how it all went down. Here's hoping and praying!!!!!


Sophia's Mama said...

So go with option #2 if at all possible... This is a moment you will never forget..

We can't wait to hear all about you and Joeseeing Lauren for the first time...

Love the costunme.....

Catherine said...

Oh're SO close!! Cannot begin to imagine the many emotions you're feeling right now. If only it were spring so that you could move your clock forward this weekend rather than back!

Soon friend...soon! Cannot wait to hear all about your precious Lauren Elizabeth. xo

Don and Be said...

Counting down with y'all .....

Michele said...

I am so excited for you. November is our 3 year anniversary of "the call" and I've never forgotten it. Due to working, etc. I received the call at work. I was able to put the agency on hold and conference in with my husband. I was so excited and nervous I forgot all about the pretty little referral sheet I had printed. Our family stayed home and stalked the FedEx man together. We all sat and opened her picture together. My advice....relax and don't over analyze (consider this labor...which is messy and unplanned) While the call is great, meeting her will be the moment you will never forget. Hoping for speedy referrals and travel! We traveled right after Christmas and it was wonderful! God Bless,
(sorry i was so long winded)

PIPO said...

Torture is right!

Bring on that call :0)

Ladybugsmom said...

If you agency emails photos then for sure option 2...Joe should put his employer on alert and really people do understand. If there is just no way then option 1 is film the call and conference in so both are on...keep you call sheet handy because you will totally lose it...maybe Joe will not. I am so excited and will count down with you OMG it is about to happen. YEAH!

Cora said...

I don't have any advice but I know you will figure it out. I can't even imagine how I will be in the weeks before. Thanks for letting us follow you journey. At least being in AZ you don't have an extra hour added this weekend and you your wait.
Great Halloween costumes next year it will be Lauren joining in!!

Michelle said...

I am so excited for you! I've been following your blog for a long time, and am so glad this day has finally come. I remember the last few days before our referral, I stalked the computer and was pretty much useless to anyone. Ha. Can't wait to see Lauren's face.

Made in China said...

I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see a referral picture on your blog!!

Soulful Mama said...

Option 2 or if he can't leave Option 3 - can you go to Joe's work?

I'm not married, but I have several friends that are and have gotten the call. Most want option 2. I'd say about 1/2 it doesn't work out that way - cuz neither can stand it and they want at least the basics ASAP.

My agency will teel you name, age, province, and that about it in the call. And any where from 2-5 hours later e-mail the pictures. Maybe you could do option 1 for the basics and then scoot together for the photo.

Watching intently!

Shannon said...

So exciting! I have no advice but am sending good vibes (a la your Halloween picture!) your way!

Christi and Abbey said...


Scott and Kim said...

You are soooo next!!!
I like the idea above of going to Joe's office for the call if that is possible. Although, it would have been hard for me to wait for all the details, so a conference call was in order for us. If you do a conference call could you open the e-mailed picture together at home?
It could be a long week, but you can't be much closer now!!! :-)

Gail said...

I remember the anxiety well!
Following closely.
Hoping you hear very soon.

I love the costumes! You all look great!

redmaryjanes said...

I like option 2. You know I'm going to be all about you all being together and Grandma Linda being there.
Oh man, every time I click on the link I keep hoping to see a beautiful babe!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Okay.. I don't know about you .. but I have checked RQ at least 10 times already..
Hugs to you..
Can't wait to see Lauren..
Have a FAST DAY.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!! I can't believe you're going to see your little angel's face soon. I vote for #2, or whatever brings you together for the big moment!! I'm sure Aunt Linda would love to be there, how special that's going to be. We're sitting on pins and needles in Jacksonville...can't wait to hear the news!!

Katie said...

aunt donna!! you forgot one MAJOR detail to both options!!

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Shelley said...

How exciting for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

This is YOUR time!