Saturday, September 10, 2005

Meet our Furbabies...

We'd like you to meet our girls...

Addy aka "Sweetpea"
We adopted her about seven years ago from Arizona Adopt a Greyhound. Her racing name was "Aldago". Greyhounds are just about the sweetest dogs ever, although with great sadness, I have to say that Addy is terminally ill and won't be here when we get baby Lauren. She has a inoperable tumor in her upper jaw and nasal passages. On the bright side though, she is a tuff old girl and has hung in there longer than expected. Our hearts will have a big hole in them when it's time for her to go.

Lucy aka "Lulu"
We adopted Lucy four years ago from Arizona Rescue. She is a little stinker, but loves to cuddle and give you her paw as you can see here.

Here's our nieces (Emily & Katie) and nephew (Joshua) with Addy.

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