Friday, September 30, 2005

First Outfits...

Here I go breaking my own rules again, since I said I wouldn't by any clothes for Lauren until after we are DTC. We were shopping at Sam's Club this evening and some kind of magnetic force pulled me right over to the baby clothes display. None of these outfits were more than $8.00, so there was just nothing I could do to stop myself.

The two "Little Ones" outfits on the right come with the skort, shirt, and little matching socks.

I love the little shorts and strawberry jumper below.

I got three of the outfits in 6 mo. and one of them in 12 mo. We should be traveling for Lauren next year around this time and it will still be hot in China. I'm hoping that since Chinese babies are usually on the smaller side that the little 6 mo. outfits will fit her.

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