Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Expectant Cousin??

I was surfing the Cafe Press adoption shops and came across Julie's Invisible Red Thread Shop. I love her designs and asked if she would consider doing a shirt for my nieces who are very excited about meeting their cousin someday.

Well, Julie whipped up an adorable expectant cousin shirt with a design on the front and back. You have to check it out, because if you have nieces you may need to order one for them. She is also offering it in child sizes for younger kids too.

For me, I love her "Wait, Hope, Dream, Repeat" design.

Happy Shopping!


Joannah said...

I have one of the Wait, Hope, Dream, Repeat shirts and I love it!

Lisa~~ said...

That Julie, she's one talented gal!

Stephe said...

Hey Donna, I am posted to answer your question on my blog. I think you do the squat potty facing the door if there is one. See Julie's post here: http://createdinchina.blogspot.com/2006/07/toilet-talk.html
That's a really good question though...never really thought about it! :)

Izzie said...

Cool designs!

Psssst: Aunt Donna you've been tagged!

Stacy said...

I think I know what all of our nieces and nephews are getting as part of their Christmas this year!

That is a really neat shirt!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Donna,
The shirts sound cool! (My mom's computer doesn't show pictures.) I'm so excited about getting a new cousin!