Sunday, July 16, 2006

Five months and counting...

Our dossier will be logged in for five months tomorrow. Truth be known, the time since we've been logged in has gone pretty darn fast. Don't get me wrong, this waiting sucks, but we've been keeping petty busy and still have lots to do in the house before we're ready for Lauren.

Right now, our dossier is in a gigantic pile somewhere at the CCAA like the piles you see in this matching room photo. Unfortunately, it will be many months yet before our dossier sees the inside of this room. Hopefully, we'll make it there by next January or February and have our referral by March. Wow, another 8 months before we get a glimpse of our daughter...sounds like a LONG time, doesn't it?


Lisa and Tate said...

I think I see your D on the shelf just left of that man with the grin... Oh wow... I see my D in the stack next to that!!! We have progress forward!!!!


Anonymous said...

If only we could put some GPS tracking on our precious paperwork.......hey now thats a thought! LOL! You are getting closer.

All the best

Kimberly Evans