Monday, September 18, 2006

This and that...

I've been meaning to post a photo of this cute little mini-diaper bag I bought from Danesha of South Meets East. She has different fabrics she makes them out of and they are the perfect size for a quick trip out with a couple of diapers, a bottle and a small toy.

I love this Asian retro fabric...isn't it cool???

I guess Joe had a long, hard day at work today...what do you think?

Once Lucy saw him resting, she had to join right in and I just had to snap a photo.

I've been busy the past week with some blog re-designs...check out Journey to Annaliese and Bottles and Bones (formerly Welcome Home Lily). I love making Blogville pretty. ;)


Lindsey said...

OMG i LOVE that bag it is just adorable!! aww u must have that dog sweet =)

Dawn and Dale said...

THANK YOU for making our journey to Annaliese just that much more fun!!!!!

I LOVE my blog!!!

You really are amazing at what you do!!

My blog is definately more "pretty" now!! ;)

I bet after all that work, you're needing a nap like Joe!!

Thanks again!!


Lindsey said...

oh yea btw i LOVE the designs you made for other peoples blogs..i would LOVE it if you could do one for me...cuz i really want a certain "theme" to mine but just have no idea how to get it like if u are still doing the designs i really want =)

Connie said...

Beautiful bag!

Also nice sleepy-time photo...just think when you'll have another one curled up in a photo op like that too :0)

Jacquie said...

I'm just so hoping I wasn't your most difficult "client"! And if I was, I'm sorry. But I love my new look! Thanks again!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Nice bag! Puppy snuggles always help after a long day.

Keep smilin!

chicknboy said...

Donna -your work is amazing. You really have talent.

Julie said...

Cute bag! I just placed an order from someone who makes them with the fabric of your choice.

Love your design work!

rubyiscoming said...

I am SOOO digging this bag :)
BTW, we have the same LID :)

Lisa and Tate said...

Ah---- So cute!!! Cabana Joe and his trusted best friend!!!!

(In Norway Now)