Sunday, August 05, 2007

Overdue commercial...

I've been seeing commercials lately for FibroHope, a new web-site on fibromyalgia, and decided to check it out.

I was diagnosed back in 1998. It's not easy dealing with a chronic pain condition that affects daily life, especially when most people don't know or understand what it is. It's nice to see that there is more public attention focused on it lately, which may help people who are suffering from it and haven't been diagnosed yet. I went through two full years of testing for everything under the sun before I discovered what was wrong.

I hope that friends and family will take a few minutes to look at the web-site and check out the link for "Understanding Fibromyalgia."


Michelle said...

I didn't know you had fibromyalgia. Although I don't have any experience with that particular disease, my endometriosis caused me severe pain on a monthly basis for twenty years
before I had my hysterectomy two months ago. I have been pain free ever since, but I know how draining(both physically and mentally) chronic pain can be, especially when no one around you understands what you are suffering from. I will check out that web site for sure, as I don't know a lot about this particular disease an dwould like to educate myself more.

OziMum said...

Wow. You poor thing. Reading the symptoms etc, I can imagine that plenty of people will think its just the flu, and it'll go away. I hope that through research they can come up with, at the very least, some sort of relief if not a cure.
Is it linked to arthritis? My hubs has dibilitating arthritis. He's amazing, how he lives with it everyday. I know that if he says he's in pain, he's in "extra" pain.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link to this site. I've been keeping up with the information the Arthritis Foundation has but didn't know about this site. Anyone wanting more information should also check out I'm always glad to see more research is being done on the condition.


Janet said...

My aunt has this and has a very hard time with it. Good for you for bringing attention to it!

Kim said...

I am so sorry that you have to deal with this on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing attention to to this disease.