Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring flowers blooming...

It's a beautiful spring day here in AZ and our flowers are blooming. I'm not sure what type of bush this is, but I love these little white cup shaped flowers with a yellow center.

I'm off work today and Lucy LOVES the freedom she has to room in and out of the house and sun herself on the patio.

After I hang out for a while, I'm off to Beads Galore to see what kind of goodies I can find. For anyone who is local and into beads, you have to check this place out on Priest Dr. & Southern Ave.....they have a HUGE selection of all kinds of beads.

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Got to be a better week...

Last week was a rough one at the office and didn't feel much like posting. This past weekend was a nice break from work and I'm feeling refreshed this week.

This past Saturday evening was our local FCC Waiting Families meeting and we had LOTS of babies there this month, which always makes it much more fun. I got to meet Michele's beautiful daughter Ava for the first time since they have been back from China. She is just adorable and is doing great since they have been home. Michele is one proud and happy momma!

Kim & Scott hosted this month's meeting, so Joe and I showing up a little early to play with the twins, Jenna and Jadyn, while mom and dad set-up. Kim was out with Jenna, but we had a ball playing with Jadyn in her playroom. She loves her stacking cups and placing her shapes into the corresponding holes...she is so smart! After play time, she warmed right up to us and we were both able to hold her for a while.

Nancy & Brian were also there with Lily, who is just as sweet as can be. She has such a sweet and gentle personality and is always flashing that great smile and big dimples...soooo cute!

Joe and I were chatting on the way home about how the CCAA somehow seems to match the families to the perfect child for them. I know it sounds hokey, but we really think the families we know have been matched with the perfect children for them. It just seems to me that there is some force at work here...I'm not a super religious person, but it just seems right.

On another note, we are starting with the Paperchase Round II. I just completed our 2nd I-600A and it's all ready for overnight delivery tomorrow. It's been 19 months since we filled out our first one. We are heading out to USCIS (Immigration Services) to get re-fingerprinting this coming Saturday, and we already met with our social worker for the update meeting. Once we get through this 2nd paperchase process again we'll be set for another 18 months. If we don't travel by then, I give up!!! ;)

One more thing....the April issue of "O" (Oprah) magazine has a few short articles on adoption. One is written by a women who adopted domestically and how she feels when her daughter finds her birth mother, another one about researching your biological family tree, and one written by a women with two daughters from China (8 and 3 yrs old). It's about how she deals with questions from strangers and how she explains them to her's called "8 Things Never to Say to an Adopted Child". If you don't want to pick up a copy, you can probably read the entire short article in the check out line at the grocery store or in Target.

Monday, March 19, 2007

13 Months Down!

Yesterday marked 13 months of waiting for Lauren.

If things don't slow down any further, we are expecting our referral between September and November...6 to 8 months from now. Ironically, this was the expected length of the ENTIRE wait when we first started our adoption adventure. sure is unpredictable, isn't it??

Congrats to all my bloggy friends who have marked another month along with me!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A great Saturday...

Yesterday was a really good day. I got together with Heather, Nancy & Miss Lily, and Laura for a day of eating and shopping...can't get much better than that! First stop was Paradise Bakery for a little lunch and then off to the Anthem Outlet Mall (outside of Phoenix).

A group of three waiting mommas and a new momma is a dangerous combination for an outlet mall full of great baby stores. They have Gymboree, Carters, Osh Kosh, and Naartjie. I've never heard of Naartjie before, but I LOVED it. To me, it's a combination of both shabby chic and grunge...very cool baby stuff.

We had a GREAT time chatting on the ride over to the mall and going through all the adorable baby clothes. Here's what I got for Lauren (click on the photos to see more detail).

These are from Naartjie and everything, but the pink dress, were on a sale rack for $5.99 each plus 30% off...

Cute outfits from Carters...

and Gymboree...

Check out these cute hair clips. I have ladybug and froggie outfits that these will look so cute with...

After shopping we dropped Laura off for some plans with her hubby and the rest of us had our hubbies meet up with us for drinks and a nice seafood dinner.

I'm SOOOO lucky to have such great waiting momma friends to share this journey with...I truly treasure their friendship.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This and that...

I've been finding myself thinking more and more about whether Lauren is born yet or not. We always had SO long to wait that I decided not to really let myself think too much about where she is or who she is. Now that we are approaching our 13 month LIDversary, I'm beginning to think that maybe she actually IS born. Realistically we may have our referral sometime between September and November, which is 5 to 9 months from now. Since we expect her to be at least 10 months at referral, she may be already at an orphanage right now. I'm not a super religious person, but I really do wonder if there is a sweet baby girl laying in a crib somewhere who is already destined to be our daughter. Actually, I must believe this is true because as I'm thinking about it right now, I'm tearing up at the thought of her laying there without us. I hope the nannies are taking good care of her.

I was off work at noon today, so I had some free time. I picked up some ladybug beads the other day, so I just made myself this bracelet.

I think it turned about pretty cute!

A couple of weekends ago, my friends Jennifer and Judy were out at a big community garage sale and look what they got for Lauren!

Joe has always wanted a "project" car...well now he has one! ;)

Not quite what he originally had in mind, but now that he's going to be a daddy this will have to due. A little clean up and minor repair and this will be adorable. I think Lauren will be 'pretty in pink' riding her little pedal car.
This is a Reebok jogging stroller and will be perfect for taking Lauren out when we walk our furbabies. All this needs is some air in the tires and basic clean up.

Both of these items were only $15 each!! Pretty great deal, huh?

Thanks Jennifer & Judy!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Come on...someone throw us a bone!

Well, it's official...the CCAA only got through 10 days worth of LID's last month (10/14 through 10/24).

In order for us to have any hope of traveling to China this year, the referrals would have to look something like this:

March referrals - LID's thru mid-Nov
April referrals - LID's thru end of Nov
May referrals - LID's thru mid-Dec
June referrals - LID's thru end of Dec
July referrals - LID's thru mid-Jan
August referrals - LID's thru end of Jan
Sept. referrals - LID's thru mid-Feb (maybe us)
Oct. referrals - LID's thru late Feb (maybe us)

After this, forget about 2007 travel!

I sure hope the CCAA staff have enjoyed their Chinese New Year celebration last month and are now ready to rally! Come on and crank out those referrals...we're waiting!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

1st sale!!

I'm so excited to be making my first Close at Heart necklace sale to Susan of Life as I Know It!

I remember when I first started this wait watching Susan head off to China to meet Miss Olivia. It's amazing when I think of all the bloggy friends I've see head off and come back with beautiful babies...that's what gives me hope.

Susan, I hope you love your necklace!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's up and running...

I have my adoption fundraiser mini-business up and running now!! Visit my new site Close at Heart.

I'd love to make a custom photo necklace for you!