Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time for vacation??

An anonymous commenter on my last post asked the following question...

I'm confused. Why would you be burning vacation time when you are quickly approaching referral/travel? You are going to want a couple days off prior to referral and prior to your trip to do last-minute stuff. Trust me, in the days before my referral I was pacing around my house bleaching everything in sight and tossing things in the garbage like a MANIAC. :0) And before travel, I was packing like a loon. Have fun in Cali, but save some days when your brain will be mush and you want to nest.

Best wishes

Yes, I totally understand that I'll need some days off prior to travel and I plan on taking 3 days to a week off before our flight.

Even though our referral is quickly approaching, I've worked for my company for almost 23 years now and accumulate more vacation that I use. I accumulate almost 5 weeks a year now and have almost 500 hours of vacation leave on the books. They only let us roll over 450hours at the end of the year, so I'll have to burn about 100 hours by the end of the year. I know, poor me! ;)

I also have over 800 hours of sick time on the books, which will cover my entire 4 month maternity leave with 160 hours to spare.

With this said, I have plenty of vacation time to have a little fun before we get our referral. I'll definitely be taking some last minute time off before we travel because I know I'll be panicked and running around like a fool before we travel. I'll need some time to pull everything together before our flight. Anonymous, I know my head will totally be mush at the end too and I definitely have a plan in place. Thanks for looking out for me! :)


M3 said...

Oh brother -- it's always the "anon" commenters that are the meddlers. You were so sweet and diplomatic in your reply, I seriously need to take lessons in tact from you!

Shelley said...

Aw mannn, I missed ya! Although couldn't have done Disney this weekend in a million years. Gets way too hot there ..especially during these freak heatwaves.

Glad you had fun. Enjoy and make the most of your time before Lauren.

Believe me ...She will command ALL your attention once she's placed in your lovin' arms. :)


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Leave it to the Anonymous person to let you know something that you thought of a LONG Time ago...
WOW.. I would LOVE to have all that time..
HUGS girly..
I believe you know what you are doing you have waited long enough..

Julie said...

Good heavens those ANONYMOUS people know a lot and are so willing to share it with the rest of us not in the know.

I worked until 4pm the day before we left at 11:00am and no harm done. So even if you didn't have the time you would be fine. You're Donna and Joe!

Tonya said...

You're lucky! We have to use or lose our vacation and sick days every year!!

ME (aka Mia) W. said...

Hi Donna:
I'm a friend of Stephanie's. We're in a "Ladies Group" together. We get together every few months and talk about important things! Our family is adopted and Stephanie suggested I read your blog since I've been through some of the same things. Our daughter is 7. She was born in Mesa and she's been ours since she was born. Our road was fairly smooth once we got started but believe me there were years of sadness, frustration and uncertainty before that. All I can tell you is that it will all work out and you'll have the child that's meant to be yours. At some point you will not even remember the pain -- it's similar to what other women say about childbirth.
I have a blog too and I write a bit about my daughter (a bit about other things too.) Please feel free to visit http://aarpmom.blogspot.com
P.S. I was 44 when our Leah was born so I know a little about being an older mom too! Good luck to you.
Mary Ellen

Kathryn & Kevin said...

You are so lucky to be able to carryover all that vacation and sick time. We can carry only a week vacation and NO sick time. Our company is being bought by Liberty Mutual, so I hope they have a better policy with carrying time off. I currently have 4 weeks vacation to take this year and am hoping I will be able to carry over more than usual at the end of the year, as the acquisition should be finished by then. I'm also hoping Liberty will have the same or better adoption benefits. Cuyrrently, we get no paid time off for adoption and 4 weeks vacation, won't help too much.

Catherine said...

Wow! You handled that so well!

You know where I fall on this subject. Enjoy your time off friend! Where are you going next? :o)

Diana said...

Hats off to you as I would have said "Let me know when it becones your BUSINESS when I take my vacation".
Some people AMAZE me!!!
I am getting so darn EXCITED for you!!!

Alyson & Ford said...

Wow, you have great benefits! I too have been working for 23 years at the same company, but we have only paid "leave" time that is our vacation time and sick time combined. I wish "short term disability insurance" would cover the leave for adoptions.... oh well. You have planned well!

Alyson LID 01/27/06