Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring has sprung...

Today we had a great day at the park. Lauren's friend Lily and her mom and dad, Ann and Mark, hosted a Spring has Sprung party complete with Easter crafts, an egg hunt, cupcakes, and the bunny hop. Little Miss had a ball gathering up her eggs and checking out the surprises inside.

Here's a couple of pages I did for Lauren's scrapbook (click to enlarge)...

Ann, thank you SO much for hosting this adorable party. You were the hostess with the mostest and had every detail covered right down to the bunny ears! We all had a great time and memories that will last a lifetime!


Susan, Matt, Mia said...

I really love the scrap book pages. What program are you using?


Julie said...

I am so jealous! It actually snowed here yesterday!!!

Fantastic job with the scrapbook pages!

Janet said...

I LOVE the bunny ears! How cute is she? What a sweetie!!!!

Shauna and MacLean said...

Donna, how lovely are the pics of the kids in their spring wear. We had snow for two days and it was gross getting out the winter coats and boots again, it has warmed up today but we are still in long pants and jackets.

Love the scrapbook pages, I really need to learn to do this. take care and happy Easter!


Wanda and Geoff said...

Donna, it looks like yall had an awesome time! What a great idea! I love the scrapbook pages. Lauren is a beauty!


Donna said...

Donna, these pages are so beautiful! I LOVE those bunny ears!

I also am intrigued by those tattoos. As you might remember, we've lost Gwenny - twice! I think my life is several months shorter because of those incidents! She knows her phone number by heart now but I still worry that she won't be able to recite it if she's hysterical (I sure as heck couldn't!).

Not as pretty, but I write their phone number on their arm in permanent marker when we're traveling!


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