Sunday, October 02, 2005

Attitude Shirts...

Tonight we celebrated my brother's birthday, so Jim, Stephanie, the kids and my Mom all came over for dinner and cake. I figured we would go ahead and take a group photo for our dossier while they were here (we need to take photos to submit to our agency with all our paperwork). I had called my brother earlier today to give him a heads up about the photo and suggest that the kids don't wear those "attitude" shirts that are so popular right now. I figured it's NOT a good idea to have those in our dossier photos!

Well, they decided since I requested no attitude shirts, that they would deck themselves out using masking tape with their own sayings. When they showed up at our place for dinner, the kids got a kick out of showing off their shirts so I had to take some pictures.
Katie's shirt said "Moody & Dumb" on the front and "Saw it, wanted it, had a fit, got it" on the back. Emily's said "Flippin Sweet" on the front and "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Vote for Pedro" on the back.Once they tore the tape off, we did end up getting a shot for our dossier.
The photo on the left is Joe and I with my brother and his family. Below is us with my Mom.

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