Sunday, August 13, 2006


Lucy loves her daddy. Anytime Joe sits on the chair in the family room, Lucy is by his side.

If he stops petting her, she sits up and lifts her paw.

When she really wants to lay on the charm, she leans her head against the chair and gives him an adoring look that can't be resisted.

What would we all do without our furbabies?? They really do help us through this wait, don't they?

If you have a cute photo of your furbaby, leave a comment here and post a photo...I'd love to see your baby too. ;)


Connie said...

What a sweetheart. Amazing how those animals know how to milk it for all it's worth ;0)

One of my furbabies is in a recent post on my blog....not nearly so innocent a furbaby as yours!

Colleen said...

Oh how cute!!! Love those little fur babies...even if they aren't so little! Lots of pics of mine on my blog...just keep scrolling!


Lisa and Tate said...

Ahhhhhh so sweet... I can see why she has you in love!!! I never thought I could love a living being like I do Mesa... I give her part of the credit towards why I chose to adopt (at my old age).... I never thought I had this much capacity to love until I found Mesa... SAPPY woman that I am!!! Loves to your two fur babies!!!

Shelley said...

Ohhh. Me loves the furbabies!

Mine is Murphy Brown ...aka, Murphalina ...aka, the Murphinator.

She is old now. 11 year old Chocolate Lab. Diabetic (I give her two shots a day). But she is still spicy, God love her!

I'll try sending a pic but not sure how that works on Comments. Otherwise, there are some on our Blog.

Loved hearing all the fun SLC details. You girls know how to party! ;)

C2 said...

We couldn't get through the wait without our fur babies either! The last 2 posts I have done on my blog have been about my dog. If you want to check it out, the link is

Hope to hear from you!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

What a furry love! too cute!

My furbaby rules our house! I can not wait for her and baby girl to meet.

I posted a picture of her recently. Scroll down and after the wood dog, there is Daisy!

Keep smilin!

Michelle said...

I have two cute furbabies. Sadly, one of them is thirteen years old and is really ailing. I'm not sure how much longer she'll be with us. I shudder to think about that day.

Shannon S said...

Bernie & Gracie are my furbabies. One of Bernie's baby pix is up at journeytoelena.blogspot
She doesn't sound as well trained as Lucy!

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch on my blog right now. I love the lazy days of summer with a dog who wants to spoon.

Nancy & Brian said...

Visit my blog, you'd be so proud of me I just posted all my furbabies!