Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Help, I'm suffering from CHAWMS...

That's China Adoption Waiting Momma Syndrome (CHAWMS). Here's the symptoms:
  • Constant, nagging feeling of being preoccupied
  • Unable to concentrate on any one thing for any length of time
  • Unable to focus on projects at home or at work
  • Thoughts constantly drifting towards adoption related things
  • Feeling like a scatter-brained fool at times
  • Chronic forgetfulness
  • Unable to go one day without reading blogs or checking on Yahoo groups
  • Unable to go half a day without checking RQ
  • Unable to go one minute without thinking about your future daughter

Does anyone else suffer any or all of these symptoms? Lately, I've found myself saying "sorry, this waiting is frying my brain" much more than I should be. It seems the closer you get, the more intense these symptoms become. Also, no matter how often non-waiting friends say they understand, they just can't. They feel bad that we have to endure the wait, but just can't really relate to the all encompassing, life on hold, don't know when it's going to end feeling of this wait. CHAWMS can only be truly understood by waiting mommas.

I've seen bloggy friends take a "break" and try to re-group, but how the heck can you just chill and forget about the adoption for a while. I just don't think I can do it. If anyone has taken "the break" and was successful at substantially reducing the CHAWMS symptoms, please let me in on your secret!


Roy and Lori said...

I share those symptoms!

Take care and enjoy your night!

C.J. said...

I regonize all of those. I'm sorry you're suffering.

I limited my 'time-allotment' (computer time) for all the biz a while back. It was the best thing I did. Re-focus was what I needed and I was ready. For me it was let the worry go or go nuts. For now, I'm hanging with the former.

I hope you find some relief of the symptoms too since the only true cure is a referral.

Jennifer said...

I think you have to give your non-waiting friends alittle bit more credit on "understanding". I think about your situation of the "life on hold" etc etc. EVERYDAY. I wish there was something/anything I could do to reduce your CHAWMS systems! I"m here for you !

susan said...

Donna, you are so right I have it too. Thank you for giving my syndrome a name. Hang in there we will get through this together.

Catherine said...

I have CHAWMS too! Just didn't know there was a name for it! :o)

I'm with you. For me taking a bloggy break is stopping long enough to grab lunch then get back to all things adoption and blogging. :o)

Kayce said...

I've got the same symptoms! When the symptoms get out of control, I go to the gym.

Hang in there!

Janice said...

Someone call the American Psychiatric Association. We need to have CHAWMS listed in the DSM V. Lol!
Right there with you.

Doris & Dan said...

We should start a support group `cause I am afflicted.

I love the online community. I could not really take an extended break.

Keep smilin!

Lisa and Tate said...

CHAWMS.... I thought it was my old age hormones!! What a relief to know I am not aging and am normal??

I have taken a break and feel rejuvenated after just a short time. I just kind of tried to focus on self and do things non-adoption related like read, cook, and wipe adoption talk from my conversations with others.....

Hang in there with the CHAWMS.

Christie said...

Do what I do, D. Go and visit your good old friend "Margarita". (heh, heh, wink wink)

"Hi, my name is Christie, and I have CHAWMS"


Stephe said...

Oh God YES...me too!

amy said...

Im just a few days into my LID, this is a fabulous post and blog!!! I love coming here to read..So bright and cheerful

Stacy said...

I've got them too. Is there an annoymous group yet?

rubyiscoming said...

are there any prescription drugs for these symptoms? i am CHRONIC! :)

Alyson & Ford said...

Can't take a break!
We are so excited about having our new daughter!
Have we procrastinated on so many projects for her room due to the delays? Yep.
But take a break - nope! We just keep adding to the list of things to do, things to learn and ways to count our blessings!