Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lost in a sea of baby clothes...

I decided it's time to get Lauren's clothes organized since I have them stuffed into one side of the closet and thrown into the dresser drawers. If I don't get them organized soon, I'll start buying duplicates of things that I don't realize I already have!

I just picked up these drawer organizers from IKEA. I figured I could use them to keep socks, hair clips, onesies, t-shirts, and pants in folded stacks.

I started to go through everything and realized I'm clueless on how to get it all organized so I can quickly find coordinating pieces. I have a few questions for those who aren't as organizationally challenged as me:

  1. Is it best to hang only dresses and fold everything else up in drawers?
  2. Do they make kiddie hangers to hang matching tops and pants on one hanger?
  3. Is there a good way to store hair clips and hats?
  4. What about those headbands that match a specific outfit? Loop them over the hanger with the outfit?

I would appreciate any advice I can get!


Christie said...

Well, I don't have great advice, because I'm in the same darn predicament that you are - too much stuff and no baby to use them all.

The winds might just be a' changing though and isn't that just the pick me up I needed to go shopping some more...

Love ya girl!

M3 said...

We hang everything except socks and pjs. But that's because the mantra "out of sight out of mind" reigns supreme in this house. If anything, god forbid, got put in a drawer we wouldn't remember it until the kiddos went to college. ;-)

Janet said...

Here's my advice for hair clips and barrettes- I use a fishing tackle box and separate them by colour. THat way if you need purple, all the purples are in one spot. I have found this cuts back on a lot of searching....:-)

amy said...

Cant wait to read more of your answers to these questions

Heather said...

You know my solution LOL (hey - don't knock the empty closet - it works!) :-) Heather

Catherine said...

What great questions! Looking forward to hearing more from those BTDT parents.

Starting to face the same predicament you are. I should take out stock in the company that makes the clear storage boxes.

When my child changes her clothes 3x a day as a 10yo remind me it's because I needed to do that to her as a child or she'd never wear everything I'd collected during this monsterous wait! :o)

Happy sorting!

Julie said...

Once Lauren comes you will want to store in another container(s) all the clothes that are not her size and too big for her. From the BTDT perspective they get in the way and you waste time figuring out what she can wear right now. I do understand why you have it all together now - you do not want to discover you've bought dups (I have!)

I only have the dresses in the closet because it is not big enough for everything. If I had a bigger closet and the right hangers, I might hang up more. Things do seem to go unnoticed in the drawers

I'm going to be no help with hairclips, we don't have many and those that I have are just lost in her top drawer with her hats. But yes if I have a band or hat that matches an outfit, I put it on the hanger.

Good luck!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Look at all of those wonderful clothes.... For myself it is easier to hang the dresses and outfits and just put the separates in drawers. I have Hannah's barrettes and clips in little terracota flowerpots I painted to match her room.
I have ended up using the hangers the outfits came on so I could keep them together. Also the larger sizes that are too big for her I put in the closet or bottom drawer... (check often as she may outgrow it before you realize it)

Stephe said...

Love this post Donna...and the photo of all Lauren's Clothes!!!!

Since you had such great questions Donna, I posted on my blog how I am organizing Giorgi's closet.


I think I'm going to have to hit Ikea for some of those white organizers! Love 'em!!! Stephe

Doris & Dan said...

Good for you for getting organized!

I have no idea but I hang most things and fold the pyjamas, jeans & onesies.

Keep smilin!

chicknboy said...

I'm no expert-but here's what works for us:
hang shirts, skirts,dresses and cooridating outfits. (Target and WalMart sell the little clips that just snap onto the hanger for the skirts/pants).

dresser is for pants,shorts,socks, swimsuit,pj's,etc.

I only put into the closet and drawers the current season's clothes-everything else is sorted and boxed in the closet or under-the-bed boxes-easy access though so I can add to it as I find sales!

For matching hats -clothes pin to the hanger/headbands just get looped over the hanger

I even divide up socks to sport and fancy/tights

for all the hair "thingy's" -I have a craft box with all the little dividers in them-that's for rubber bands/little scrunchies/little barrettes/etc.
For bows and headbands I'm ordering a holder from Mei'd with Love.

for kids' shoes, we have "shoe garages" :) just little cubby organizers from Target/Walmart.

Hope that gives you a few ideas. :)
Have fun!!!
ps-you can always stop by to see the kids' rooms if this doesn't make sense! :)

Shauna said...

Donna, I have always organized MacLean's hair stuff in a bead box or tackle box that has different compartments. It totally helped and now she chooses her own with ease. I mostly folded stuff in drawers with shirts in one skirts and shorts and pants in other drawers. Shoes are not as organized as we have very little closet space. hope that helps, Shauna

rubyiscoming said...

Challenged? Holy moley you are WAY more organized then we are! And, after seeing her closet, I feel better about myself cuz hubby says that Ruby already has more clothes than he does and she is not even here yet - haha.

I'm with Shauna - we'll use a mini tackle box for bows and hair stuff, too.

Alyson & Ford said...

Oh my gosh!! So many clothes! We have not bought one single outfit as I am waiting until we get our referral. We could be referred a baby from 12 months to 36 months so we have waited... I know I will be in major panic mode when I realize I should have bought something!

LID 01/27/06

Krista and Darrell said...

I really like your blog. My husband and I are adopting from China as well. We have and LID of 5/30/06. I would love to add your blog as a link on my site if you don't mind. If you have a chance stop by our site. It's www.fauveladoption.blogspot.com. I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing but I'm really enjoying it and I learn alot by visiting other people's sites.

Emily said...

I found these little size it closet organizer things that you put in by size and that way you can hang everything and organize by size. There are stickers so as your child grows you can change the little hanger thing to a new size, you can find them here.

Also I hang everything and attach a plastic baggy for any accessory or clip on hat or headband. Socks and sleepers in drawers. I also organize by season and size. Happy organizing!

OziMum said...

A little girl can NEVER have too many outifts.

I hang all jackets, dresses and skirts. And fold all pants/jeans and tops. But I think that's only because I don't have enough hangers to hang more!!!

We actually have a friend staying with us at the moment, and staying in Bella's room, as it's the spare room... I packed up all her clothes!!! I was shocked at how much I have for her!!! I squeeezed it all into a huge suitcase.

Emily said...

this place has everything for organizing, omg what a cool place, thought I would share: