Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I've been tagged...

by Karen (my China travel buddy) and Dana to write 6 words that describe how I am feeling right now, and then tag 5 others. Well, here it goes...

  1. Anticipation of being a momma for the first time. I don't think I could ever describe to those not waiting for their first child just how it feels. It's a very strange feeling living this long of a time (fast approaching 29 months) in sort of a holding pattern, not really knowing when your life is about to be changed forever.

  2. Anxiety about if we will be good parents and if we are getting too old to truly give Lauren the life she deserves. We never wanted to be the "older" parents and that's exactly the way it turned out. I think about how old we will be when she graduates high school and hope Joe isn't walking her down the wedding aisle with a walker! ;)

  3. Accomplished because we worked on the nursery over the weekend and it's pretty much done except for a couple of little things. I'll post some photos soon. It turned out really pretty and I find myself walking in there almost every time I pass the room just to look around.

  4. Happy about the possibility of having our referral and laying eyes on our daughter for the first time. I SO hope this will happen before the end of the year!

  5. Lazy about getting non-baby related projects done around the house. Also lazy about getting out of bed in the morning. I've had a HARD time getting to work by 7am this week! The Starbucks drive thru has been my best friend.

  6. Grateful for all I have...a great hubby (aka Mr. Wonderful or Cabana Joe), a great family, awesome friends, and all my Blogville buddies. I am so grateful for the on-line adoption community...I don't think I'd have my sanity (or what's left of it) at this point without everyone!


Carol said...

You'll be a great Momma....and just so you Momma was "Older" and she and I were the best of are truly only as old as you feel, and that baby won't care one bit!!!! I'm sure I'm right up there with ya!!!

Holding our breath with excitement for you!!!!!!

Jboo said...

Looking forward to your referral too! And don't worry about being an older Mom -- I am and it worries me sometimes, but overall it's absolutely the best! Take care.


Kelly & Sindy said...

Ditto to whats been said!!! After
meeting you Donna, I have no
doubt what a wonderful Mommy
you will make. I cant wait to
see your day come!! You so
deserve it!!!! Linda I always
enjoy you stopping by!!!


Sindy & Allie

redmaryjanes said...

Absolutely wonderful! I hope to be seeing photos of your Lauren soon. It is so hard, but there is no other way but to stay the course.
Hugs to your Mom~