Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's that time again...

...so let the roller coaster ride begin!

There were rumors late last week of packages on the way from China to US agencies, but it seems these packages contained travel approvals for families with referrals waiting to travel.

Now the rumors are that matching is still in progress, which means that we probably won't know the next cut off until next week. With the holiday on Friday, I can't imagine the agencies will have time to receive packages this week and make calls.

So, here we are again on the monthly coaster ride. How far will they get this month? It's any one's guess right now. With about 27 days from our LID, we sure are hoping for a big batch. It would be fabulous if they can get through the rest of January! Come on CCAA, we know you have it in you since it's been done before!


Shannon said...

It's starting to get so exciting! Wow, when they reach Feb I think I might really start freaking out! =)

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I have my predictions.. we will see... I really think they are going to start picking up..
You are almost there girly..

Alyson & Ford said...

Well, for the first time EVER, I plan to call our agency today and ask if we should plan on hearing anything this week. I hate bugging them, never have but we've been good about leaving them alone... Aly is hanging in there but I can tell she's a bit more quiet. I have a "honey do" list so that should keep me busy today :) but you know I'm going to be peeking at RQ every chance I get :)

Here's to a big referral and a GIGANTIC hello to FEBRUARY!!!

Catherine said...

Hoping the roller coaster pics up speed and we know more before the weekend. Cannot begin to imagine the excitement for you if they finish January this month. Hoping they at least make it to the beginning of the CNY holiday as we know the next one will cover lots of dates! Praying for you friend.

PIPO said...

I hope the rumors get better....anyway about it we ARE closing in on the big day.

Don and Be said...

Hey - I recognize that roller coaster!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

OziMum said...

Its amazing what a difference a few days make, hey!

Hang on tight!