Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thank you and random facts...

Thank you for all the great tips on giving Lauren her medicine. Today we have found that laying her down on Joe's lap with her head hanging over a bit and me squirting small amounts from the dropper WAY back against her check and then pressing her checks together into a pucker has been working pretty well. Something about having her mouth puckered doesn't allow her to gargle the medicine out. As soon as she swallows, I go in for the next squirt.

Here are some random facts about Little Miss:
  • When I'm sitting she pats me on the arm and says "momma" to get my attention. The first time she did this my heart just melted.

  • She says "bye-bye" all the time in the sweetest voice I've ever heard.

  • She waves and blows kisses.

  • When I'm holding her she sometimes leans in and puckers her lips a little bit for kisses.

  • When I'm carrying her on the way out of the house, she loves to get a treat for furbaby Lucy and feed it to her. She always waves at Lucy and says "bye-bye" before we leave.

  • When she's in the car seat and I turn the radio on, she starts swaying back and forth to the music and sometimes claps her hands too.

  • After her bath, she needs to be wrapped up in her towel and held for about 10 minutues before putting her diaper and PJ's on.

  • She loves to get a squirt of lotion on her hands and rub them together.

  • Her favorite food right now is broccoli and she will almost always pick that off her plate first.

  • She's a very good eater and eats way more than you think she could based on her size.

  • Now that we have her on a good sleeping schedule, she's usually out within 10 minutes of putting her down in her crib.

  • She can point to and say two body parts so far..."nose" and "tummy".

  • She doesn't like hair clips and will pull them out as soon as she's aware they are in.

  • She will finally let us rock her to sleep and hold her for more than a few minutes when we are sitting. This really shows how comfortable she is getting with us.

  • She likes to be carried around a lot and we gladly comply.

  • If Joe takes her in the stroller when he walks Lucy in the evening and I'm here on the computer, she will run in to find me with the biggest smile on her face.

  • She sucks her thumb a lot and if her cousins ask if they can have some, she pops her thumb out and offers it up.

  • She calls grandma "ma".

  • Sometimes when she plays with Joe's cell phone, she chatters away and then cracks herself up so much she tosses her head back with her hands on her face. It's really cute.

  • When I hold her she loves to touch the skin on my neck, face and chest and press her face against mine. It's the sweetest thing ever and it just makes me melt.

    Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

    So glad you have found a easier way to give her medicine.. it isn't very fun..
    Lauren sounds like she is getting really adjusted to everything..
    I sent you a box should get it in a few days..
    Hope you like it..
    Have a great week..

    Jboo said...

    So fun to hear about her! Makes my heart melt too!! Glad you found a way to get the medicine in a bit easier!


    Katie said...

    Aunt Donna,
    I think you should post a video of her saying "bye-bye" and blowing kisses. Even when the lower lip comes out and she goes into "that mode," she will still always say "bye-bye" and wave and it is just about the most adorable thing ever.

    Shannon said...

    Awwww. I love hearing these updates probably mostly because it reminds me how wonderful it is that she's finally home with you! =)

    Jodee Leader said...

    What a sweet post! My heart is melting just reading it. Glad the medicine is getting a little easier! Parenting is soooo hard!

    Somewhere In The Sun said...

    That's just the sweetest list! I so enjoyed reading all about Lauren. I could feel your emotions coming through as you talked about her. I know you are head over heels in love!


    Cora said...

    I am glad you are getting the meds down. Hope that the time she has to take it goes quickly! Love your list of wonderous little facts.

    Bobby said...

    Sweet little girl. Isn't life grand with Lauren!

    redmaryjanes said...

    Motherhood truly is the most beautiful experience.

    AJ's Mama said...

    It sounds like things are going so well! I'm so happy for all of you! Lauren sounds a lot like my son! I thought he was the only 2 year old alive that loves broccoli! Cooked or raw! And he is just a skinny little guys but eats SO much! He also love to touch my skin when we cuddle. He really like my belly button! We are working on not lifting mommy's shirt with out asking! It's such a wonderful bonding thing to sit with your sweet baby and have them stroke your skin isn't it? It makes me feel like I must be doing something right!


    Christi and Abbey said...

    Oh, we've had medicine trauma recently too. It's very hard when there is one adult and your child is bigger. I felt so bad too because the med was so awful and bitter, but somehow we got through.
    Love hearing all your comments and knowing that you are enjoying each little thing about Lauren, isn't it wonderful. She looks great in all the pics below. So glad your family could enjoy her.

    Lauren's Cousin said...

    Yeah, I totally agree with Katie! You should show her blowing kisses or playing in the little house. So cute!
    ~Emily :D

    Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

    Donna I so wish we could get Sophia and Lauren together they are so similar in their personalities. Sophia has a great appetite and loves broccoli will always choose that first. She is a thumb sucker and is willing to share with anyone who asks. She loves to wave and blow kisses. She says Bye bye to the cat whenever we leave the house.She loves to listen to music and sways to whatever is on the radio. I can't put lotion on or wash my hands without Sophia wanting to do the same. She calls my mother Ma and loves to chat away on anything that looks like a phone. It is so funny to me how similar they are. It is such a wonderful age and so great to see their personalities coming out. Enjoy every moment of it.


    Catherine said...

    It's wonderful to hear how well Lauren is doing!! so many precious memories captured here.

    Glad to hear how well you're doing!!