Sunday, November 27, 2005

Worried about Recent Rumor...

In the adoption world it seems there is always some rumor flying around about the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoptive Affairs) on the discussion boards. Usually it's rumors about time frames for log in dates, referrals, travel, etc. and I don't pay much attention to them.

What I heard this morning though, really got me upset because it hits close to home. The latest rumor is that the CCAA is thinking about having weight restrictions for adoptive parents, as Korea already does. Of course, there is no official source for the rumor, but several adoptive parents have heard the same rumor from different web groups and discussion boards.

If China were to institute a weight limit, I'm definitely off the charts! Korea's weight chart is's separated my male and female and there is one weight depending on your height. There is no consideration for body frame size at all.

I e-mailed my advocate at our adoption agency this morning asking her to check into this rumor for us. Please pray that this is really a rumor and if not, that they will announce a date off in the future that they will start the restriction so it doesn't affect us parents already in the paperchase.


Colleen said...

Egads. This is a sad way to determine who gets a child and who doesn't. It is also quite discriminatory. Not sure that argument holds any weight in this situation, though. But it is just the same.

It's a rumor. It's a rumor. It's a rumor. Maybe if I say it enough it will turn out to be true (that it is just a rumor)! Keeping fingers crossed and prayers flying!

The Ranter said...

I am not so sure it is a rumor... our dossier was delayed in going to CCAA until we could get extra paperwork from my doctor because I am significantly overweight, have been all my life, because of the new rules...
We were told our agency was going to make us sign a waiver saying that the adoption may fail because I am overweight (even though we got three preapprovals from the CCAA before we started this expensive process) and what is so frustrating is that the adoption may or may not happen.
Im curious to know which agency you are working with.