Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weight and the unknown...

It's been rumored that the CCAA will be making some kind of announcement, but I haven't heard anything yet. There is speculation again that they could be instituting a weight restriction rule and it's unknown whether it would apply to families already LID. This same rumor was floating around months ago and nothing ever materialized.

I didn't think the rumor was really bothering me this time, but I was "chatting" with Lisa yesterday and was telling her about a dream I had on Sunday night...I was going through the mail here at home and there was a letter from the CCAA in the pile (like we would even have a letter from the CCAA). I opened the envelope and the word "weight" caught my attention right away. I dropped the letter before I could read it and when I bent over to pick it up, it was gone. I searched all over the house, and was getting really upset that I couldn't find it. Of course, I woke up before I ever found it. It's amazing how your subconscious can come up with these things....clearly I'm freaked out about this and I think my fear of the unknown is getting the best of me.

Anyone else a little freaked out about what might come out from the CCAA?


Joannah said...

You're single? Uh, buh bye...

Lisa and Tate said...

I am freakin'!!!! I have three whammies... single, weight, and OLDER!!!!


ExCindrela said...

I wouldn't panic until you actually hear it and see it in writing: a year and a half ago when we were DTC and waiting for referral (my agency doesn't use LID), there were all kinds of rumors swirling around about weight restrictions,reducing the single quota, allowing no adoptions in 2008 because of the Olympics, and stopping international adoptions all together...and not one of them has happened or shows any signs of happening. The only thing that has happened (with no explanation) is the slow-down.
Take 3 deep breaths- your daughter is out there and she will be waiting for you. Have faith.


Colleen said...

Donna -
I linked over to your blog from Kim's (nice work by the way, it looks great)! And I got so excited to see that you are in Chandler. I live in Gilbert!

Email me privately so we can chat. chernandez@toaks.org


Debra Sue said...

I have always worried about weight being an issue. B and I are both in the category of overweight and it freaks me. Because of this I have postponed surgery and any type of shopping until we get our LID. Even though it's not a guarantee, it will help me breathe a little easier. BTW, we were DTC 6/19/06 - my money's burnin' holes in my pocket, I can't wait to hit the stores!