Friday, June 30, 2006

Did somebody say dare???

Ok, Julie, I'm taking your dare and posting a photo of our pantry and I'm raising the bar with a shot of our refrigerator too, just like Lisa did.

Can you tell that I totally have no shame??!! I just opened the door and snapped this photo, as you can tell by the absolute mess going down on the 4th & 5th shelves.

As you can see there is no organization whatsoever. As much as I try to organize, it doesn't take long before it looks like this again. Notice the nice stock of wine and Baileys on the top shelf to help me through this long wait. I've got regular Baileys and the one with the stuff in coffee!

Now, here's the bonus shot of the frig. You actually caught me on a day when I have fruit and green stuff (no, not mold) in there.

Just in case you're wondering why there is a bowl of dog food in there, we have to soak Addy's food to soften it before she eats so she can get meals down a little better (she's an old girl).

Well, who's next in taking this dare?? If you're up for the humiliation, post a comment here so we all know to check out your blog. I dare you!!!


Julie said...

Hey, I like your taste! Baileys in the cupboard! Love that with coffee!cln

Joannah said...

It looks like you're stocked up for a party this weekend. Enjoy!

Kim M. said...

You girls have the cleanest pantries I wouldn't dare show mine. It's kinda bare anyway...we are off to summer vacations.

Lisa and Tate said...

Looks pretty organized if you ask me... This is coming from a gal who owns tons of baking stuff and condiments.....and BBQ sauce.... All are outdated.... I just bought a gallon of milk to go with the 100 boxes of cereal I at least I can eat dinner home for a change....


Stacy said...

I took the challenge! It was fun. My husband thought I was crazy taking all of the pictures of our refrigerator. LOL

I love you blog. I hope you don't mind if I link to it? I find I check it out often.

Great challenge!


Christi said...

Girl, you are stocked! Now I know where to go when I am running low.