Monday, June 18, 2007

Clothing size question...

I wandered into Carter's on Sunday afternoon (I know, dangerous thing to do) and found some really cute outfits.

I thought these two onesies where too funny to pass up...

and I thought this sleeper was pretty cute...

and I LOVE these shirts and matching curduroy skirt...

My question is I got the sleeper in 6 month and all the rest in 9 month size thinking they would fit while in China. For those who have BTDT, do you think this size will work? I figure even if Lauren is almost a year when we get her, she'll probably be pretty small and wearing smaller sizes. Was that the case in your travel groups?


AJ's Mama said...

Well I can't say about being in China but I can tell you that my son wears PJs 1-2 sizes bigger then the rest of his clothes. PJs run really small. Carters PJs I get one size bigger then what he usually wears and Children's Place PJs (my favorite for footie PJs) he wears 2 sizes bigger then normal. I hope this helps!

I love the clothes you got! SOOO sweet! Little girl cloths are just way too fun! I also love how Lauren's room is coming along!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Cute clothes and pj's.. I was wondering the same thing.. I have been buying most of my stuff in size 12,18 & 24.. I know those will fit.. I have bought a few 9 and 6 if they are just so cute I can't stand it..
Let me know when you find out..
Have a great week

amy said...

Lovely items..Looking forwad to reading your answers here.

Jacquie said...

Hi Donna, Lily was a good size China baby. She's on the 50th and 75th percentile of the American baby charts for her height and weight. She was 11 months on Gotcha. That being said she wore (and still does) 12 months. 12 months Carters stuff has room for her to grow. The few 6-9 months sleepers I took weren't long enough so I gave them to a smaller baby in our travel group. Hope this helps.

Shelley said...

Oh you had fun, didn't you?

Guessing what they will be when you are there is a tricky thing.

I assumed (wrongly) that Charlotte would be smaller-framed than an American-born baby.

She was 12 months and 20 lbs. when she joined us. Almost all of the adorable Gymboree 9 mo clothing I brought to China didn't fit her (and they are pretty generously sized). Most of the 12 mo clothing fit perfectly, but even some of those were too small. Some of the 12-18 month stuff worked. I ended up buying clothing there.

I was floored by my miscalculation. Can you say, "Yao"? :)

Same sitch with the diapers. I gave away 1/2 of the 80 diapers I brought to the parents of smaller kids.

1) Keep the tags on everything.
2) Bring clothing that you know will be too big.
3) Buy clothes and diapers while in China - and save the space in your suitcases.


Christie said...

Thanks for feeding the really...many my leg is twitching and so is my eye.

Guess we all know where Christie will be this afternoon...starts with a C and ends with an empty checking account.


Shauna said...

Donna, MacLean was 10 months and i had mostly stuff for a year old baby, she needed it in the length but it was big everywhere else. I bought some light 9 month stuff in China as we were there in August. the outfits look great ! Shauna

Lisa and Tate said...

Cute stuff!!!

I only buy the bigger sizes (18-2T or bigger). I figure that when I get my referral then I will start buying the right size. Like Shelly said, I think I will be buying stuff in China and save the room in the suitcase. At least this is in theory.

I liken our shopping for stuff to baby movement. I do not get to feel the baby and have the awareness of her. By my shopping for a few bucks, I feel connected to her and aware of her arrival..... this is the explaination I give to family when they dish out the shopping grief!!!

Keep shopping and what you don't end up using either take back or pass it on to smaller kiddos!!!


Janet said...

The clothes are adorable!!!

Doris & Dan said...

Cute finds!!

Keep smilin!

Eliza2006 said...

Eliza was in 6-12 months (carter's 9 months) and Anna was in 18 months. Don't count on your baby being tiny...there are plenty of chunky cuties too.
P.J.'s run really small. Eliza could wear 18-24 months in some brands.
Be sure to keep your receipts...I ended up buying and returning so much stuff. Make sure you do your returns of out of season stuff before you go to becomes MUCH more difficult once you have a toddler terror!


Julie said...

I agree with Tiffany that PJs run small. Otherwise, Tess is just shy of 19 pounds and she is 16 months old. For her that equates to mostly 6-12 month size or 9 months. Target stuff runs a little small so for Target stuff for she can wear their 12 month tops and dresses (she has a BIG belly) but not their pants. Gymboree 6-12 month are roomy on her.

Zoe Mama said...

I found that Carter's tends to run big but always seem to make clothes you can roll the cuffs on. The better the brand the more true to age the fit. Cherokee at Target is very small for the size marked. Go mostly by the weight you think she may be at the time of travel.

Shannon said...


The clothes are adorable!!! My boys are little and you know I still have no clue what sizes I should buy! Palmer still wears 12 months size and Jack is in 18 months and they just turned 2!!! Of course I have found that Gap runs small! They are made for tall skinny kids. Children place sleepers are the same! They are great but fit VERY SNUG!!! Carters sometimes run small on my boys. Gymboree tends to run big on my guys.

One idea is to buy the onesie snap extenders if you think you might be traveling in the winter. THat way the shirts will fit a bit longer. I think One Step Ahead sells them.


Mommy to Jack and Palmer age 2 05/31/2005

p.s I just snail mailed you pictures of the boys

M3 said...

Hey Donna! Fun clothes! Our girls were 12 months old and wore 12 month clothing when we met them. They're still right on for age/sizing too, so now they're 20 months old and wearing 18 month clothing (which they started wearing when they were about 17 mos). Oh, and they wear PJs that are about 1 size bigger, so they're wearing Children's Place light cotton pjs with feet in a 24 mos size. Hope that helps! Have a great week.

Yen973 said...

Shealin was 13 months old and her medical would have put her at about 20 lbs. I brought only 12 months with me. I sure was surprised when they handed me a tiny 16 lb peanut. She is just now 21 lbs. Nothing I brought with me fit her right. I had to buy stuff there. A mix of 9 months to 18 months would probably be good.

Heather said...

Clothing sizes are a crap shoot. Sydney was 24 pounds at 15 months! Luckily, the smallest size I had bought was 12m and those fit (but only for a few weeks!). Claire, on the other hand, is only 18 pounds at 15 months so I have had to buy much smaller clothing for her. She will easily wear 9m or 9-12m sizes.

That said, I love your purchases and if things don't fit, you can always donate them to the orphanage.

Katie said...

Sofie was 13 months when we got her and wore 18-24 months sizes. She was and still is in the 98th percentile for height and weight on American charts. She is now almost a 3T at 17 months old. I had to return all the clothes I bought before we got the referral. Luckily I had all of my receipts. I gifted and donated a few things also.

Nancy & Brian said...

I just picked up the green p.j.'s and the tourquise skort and shirt for Lily and she looks sooo cute in them. Great choices!

Nancy & Brian said...

I forgot to say the skort is a 9 month size and the shirt a 12 month size. The skort is big and the shirt fits just right. Talk about a big gut and small butt!

rubyiscoming said...

man, I'm SOOO glad you asked this question! I have been trying to buy things in size 12 mos and bigger but have received some 6 and 9 mos. sizes......I'll focus on 18 mos and above now based on these suggestions :)

I have been so good about "resisting" purchases for the past 9 months or so....I kinda went hog-wild the first year while we were paperchasing and just getting logged in. Then, depression set in on the loooong wait ahead and stopped buying.