Sunday, June 03, 2007

Good weekend and Target find...

We had a really good, relaxing weekend. Yesterday we had dinner at Michele's place and had a great time visiting with Kim & Scott and their cuties Jenna & Jadyn, Nancy, Brian & Lily, Megan & her daughter Mia, Heather & Damon, and Laura & Dan. I had a ball with all the babies and I left thinking how much I can't wait until we have Lauren. Thank you, Michele, for such a wonderful dinner and fun night.

Today, Joe and I headed out to the movies (we haven't been to one in forever) and saw Knocked Up. This is directed by the guy who did The 40-Year Old Virgin. If you liked that movie, I think you'll like this one too. You can see a preview here. I love the characters and it's pretty darn funny too.

After the movie, we did some shopping at Target (God for bid I miss a weekend) and we found some really cute knobs for Lauren's nursery furniture. Check them out here.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow....can't wait for referrals!!!! Come on CCAA, we're ready and waiting!


Heather said...

These knobs are going to look great with the nursery! What a terrific find!

Janet said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Isabella's mommy & daddy said...

Those knobs are really cute..
Have a GREAT Week..

OziMum said...

Cutesie knobs are a must!

I'm sure you had a good laugh at the movie, if its anything like 40yr old virgin!

Stacy said...

We went to see Knocked Up too. It was funny.

I can't wait to hear about referrals today ~ I hope today.

Going over to check out the new knobs.

amy said...

Still loving your blog design and your posts. We cant wait to see that movie, but need to see POC first..Hope you have a wonderful day and glad you fun with your friends