Sunday, October 07, 2007

Saturday with the kids

We had a great day yesterday with our nieces and nephew.

We started off with some baking and made rocky road bars. Everyone pitched in including Josh, who was happy just to dump the cups of flour into the bowl. The bars were VERY sticky with all the marshmallows, but pretty good with a cold glass of milk.

After that, we were off to a brand new Brunswick bowling alley near our house. They were having what they called "cosmic bowling" with the house lights down and all kinds of multi-color spot lights flashing and DJ music. Once you check in, they have you head over to your lane were you are greeting by an "attendant" who delivers your bowling shoes and takes your order for food and drinks. Instead of hard plastic chairs to sit on, they have sofas with a coffee table.

Josh was SO cute...every time he threw the ball he would stand there with his hands behind his back waiting to see how many pins he knocked down. The girls and I got a kick out of that.

After bowling and video games, we relaxed for a little while then headed out to dinner. We ended the day watching Curious George, which I must say is pretty darn cute. I'm going to pick that up for Lauren's video collection.

I love spending a full day with the kids and I'm so looking forward to the day that Lauren is along with us.


Colleen and Izzie said...

I cannot believe how big the kids are getting. For those who haven't met them, they are the nicest kids! And I bet you had fun bowling!

Lisa and Tate said...

You always seem to have so much fun with the Nieces and Nephew. What a cute little man waiting for his "strike"....