Monday, December 01, 2008

Next month...

our lives will change forever. I can't believe that it is already December and we can say that we are bringing Lauren home NEXT MONTH!! It felt that we would never get to this point, but we finally have. It's actually starting to sink in that next month I will meet the sweet little girl that will eventually call me "mommy". It's exciting and scary all mixed into one BIG emotion!

Yesterday Joe and I did some Target shopping for some of the non-prescription medical items that our international adoption (IA) doctor has recommended we bring to China. We have more items to get, plus we have a prescription for an antibiotic and scabies medication to fill. I'm so glad we'll be able to take these prescription meds with us for a little peace of mind. Also, part of our IA doc's service includes a phone number to reach her 24/7 while we are traveling...this really makes me feel good since we are clueless, first time parents!

On Saturday we were out for a while and when we got home there were two big bags at our front door. The bags were filled with all kinds of toys from Kim & Scott. They are friends of ours from our FCC waiting families group who have been home with their twin girls for about two years now. These are all toys that the twins are done playing with and now they will be a very welcome addition to Lauren's new playroom!

Thank you so much Kim, Scott, Jenna and Jadyn! These toys are appreciated more than you know!

Joe and I are serious Black Friday shoppers and we got the booty below at the Kohl's 50% off all toys sale at 4am...

I know you may think we're crazy, but we actually have fun battling the crowds for those great Black Friday deals! Oh, also...while we were in the toy department there was a women who kept looking at me kind of funny. Finally she said "is that your referral photo?" while pointing to the pendant that Julie gave me of Lauren. I burst out in a huge smile and say "yes it's our daughter in China waiting for us". It turns out she has also adopted, but from Korea. She went on to congratulate us and gush about the happy times we have ahead of us. It made me feel really good. :)

I KNOW we have too many clothes as it is, but these two dresses jumped right off the clearance rack at Naartjie and into my hands as I was walking through the store. They are even in Lauren's size...imagine that...and they are WAY too cute! ;) I love Naartjie...they are one of my favorites!

This Thursday Joe has the day off work and we are both off on Friday, so this is our chance to get the junk room cleared out and start working on the playroom. Now that we have toys and the stuff we bought at IKEA, I'm really excited to get started on that.

Also, I still need to convert our guest bathroom into a girly bathroom for's right across the hall from her bedroom. Here's the stuff I've gathered, some of which I've had for a couple of years now!

So much to do and SO little time now! Hey, can you tell I'm getting excited?? HA!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

WOW.. Great goodies..
Can't wait to see Lauren's playroom and bathroom...
And the dress's are tooo cute..
Have a Great Week.
You will be leaving before you know it..
Hugs girly..

Colleen said...

Well, if you can handle the craziness of Kohl's on Black Friday you can handle anything parenthood throws at you! I walked out the door of Kohl's quicker than I'd walked in, the moment I saw the lines. Ain't nothing worth that!

OziMum said...

Beautiful, beautiful gifts and shopping delights!

Wow! I can barely believe that after all this time, Lauren will be coming home! (and she's not even my daughter!!!)

Cora said...

How exciting it must be to be shopping with Laurens little face in mind. I am so excited to follow your journey next month. Have fun doing the playroom and the bathroom up for your baby she will love it!
Take Care

Carol said...

What a wonderful holiday season you will have this year!! Just think, you will have a very special Happy New Year Baby!!!

Ladybugsmom said...

This is so exciting I just can't wait until you leave....what a happy new year it will be.

ps she will love those toys

Lisa and Tate said...

Wow!!! Great stuff! Can't wait to see everything finished and Lauren enjoying her Kingdom.

Totally cool about the referral picture and the conversation that ensued.... Makes it so real!

Janet said...

You just go ahead and get as excited as you want! You have every right!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for you! Soon you will have that beautiful girl in your arms. Can you imagine?!!!!!

Doreen said...

Shopping is good! Shopping is fun! You guys did some good work out there on Friday!
BTW, you might want to schlep childrens Benadryl with you...just in case. I didn't see it in your line up but I might have missed it.
This is getting sooooo exciting....

Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia=Sichuan

sarah said...

You will do perfectly in China! I was thinking (and my friend who lived in China for several years also) that shopping on Black Friday is like shopping any day of the week in China as far as the crowds. ;-)
There are so many people - it's like a big party all the time!
I'm so excited for you! It's the most incredible / experience (and change) ever!
[just in case you're interested - what 'saved our lives' was bringing the 'Little Noses' saline spray and bulb syringe and the pedialyte strips. We wish we had brought formula since we were there when the news broke about the tainted formula!!]

Shannon said...

I laughed when I read the "so much to do so little time" statement. How after 3+ years of waiting can this statement be so true?!?! =)

Catherine said...

How fun to be doing so many tangible things to prepare for Lauren Elizabeth's arrival next month! Fun toys, beautiful dresses and an adorable bathroom to prepare! Wheee!!

Allie's Mama said...

Everything looks wonderful and
you'll do great in China!!! I
cant wait to follow your journey
to Lauren!!! This time next month
girly!!! I'm beyond thrilled for
you guys!!! Thanks Linda for
stopping by and checking out our
next China Blessing!!!

With Lots Of Hugs,