Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Packing list...

I've been working on our packing list this evening. How in the world we're going to fit all this stuff into two 40 lb suitcases and two backpacks I have NO clue at the moment!

I would really appreciate it if those who have already traveled could take a quick look at my list and let me know if there is something missing or something on the list that we don't need. There are three pages below. This is just my first crack at it, so I know it's not finished yet.

Oh, and only...


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I have no idea.. but I want to try carry on..
I will be taking hints..
Can't wait to hear idea's from others..
You are getting there..

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I would only take one bag of diapers to use on the trip home. The green diapers at Wal Mart in China are really good. You can get wipes there too. Really any baby care item that you need...bowls, spooons, sippy cups etc... I even bought a potty chair!

You will not need a blow dryer. Every hotel room has one. Plus even if you use an adapter it will over heat your appliance.

You don't have much listed in the way of food and that's good. You can get everything you need there.

You will be surprised at how much you can fit in your suitcase. I traveled alone so only had one and one backpack and did fine.


Shauna said...

Donna, I too took less diapers because you can buy them, I took way too many outfits and remember it is winter so dresses and snowsuits don't go well together. I would bring fewer clothes you can always buy there. I brought cheerios and some granola bars and soups that you add water too for us. it was nice to have that in the room. otherwise it looks good. Happy Packing!

Shauna and MacLean xo

Julie said...

I'm with Shauna and Lynn, don't bring many clothes for her. You can get so many cute ones there inexpensively, and you will be able to figure out the right size. I always smiled when I put the outfits that I got her in China on. I would only do 3-4 at the most. I also agree, don't pack many diapers and toys. Stacking cups could cover you, plus anything else you could get there. Also you can get by without a lot of baby cups and bowls. You may want to check with Jenny - Waiting for Abby as her bags were lost and she truly had to start from ground zero, she could probably really tell you what the must haves are.

Shannon said...

I agree with everyone else. No hair dryer, they will have them in the hotel.

Only a few diapers & wipes, you can get pampers in China no problem. And they work fine.

I also did the drop in liners, and rather than bring rubber bands (which don't work so well, because the liners are the top doesn't go together like you think it would...rather than that get a formula dispenser thingy. It's plastic and has dividers. You can actually get one in China, but if it makes you feel better get one here.

Also, you don't need any plastic bowls or cups or anything. Your hotel room will come with cups and plates and spoons.

If you get the disposable baby wash cloths, they have soap on them. (baby wash) So you don't need to bring additional bottle baby wash with you. They soap up really well, and you have plenty to do hair and body in one cloth. (and they are lighter!)

You DO need soap, like Joy or something, to wash the bottles and nipples. Get it cheap and you can leave it there before you come home.

If I can find my list, I'll email it to you.
OH WAIT one last thing. Every hotel we stayed at gave us combs and tooth brushes. If you aren't picky, you could skip bringing those.

redmaryjanes said...

I will be coming to you hopefully soon to ask what I should bring. You are going to be the expert. :)

AJ's Mama said...

I have always had better luck giving my son medicine using a syringe rather then a spoon thing or dropper. It's easier to control and much less messy. He is 2 1/2 now and I have been using it for over a year for him. They are really cheap at the drug store. And they will usually give you one when you have a prescription filled.

Kristi said...

I totally agree about the diapers and wipes! Also we used the drop in liner bottles with our daughter and were glad that we only had to worry about getting the bottle nipples clean.
One thing that I wanted when we traveled the first time (and I had with me the second) was Gerber's apple/prune juice blend. Prune juice was one thing that I never found in the store and we needed something to help our daughter! I just put two of the bottles (they are four ounce size) in a heavy duty zip-lock bag and packed them in a pair of my husband's shoes. As it turned out we only needed one bottle this time, but I was glad I had the one we used!

Jenn said...

Our packing list is 4 pages long in an 8 point font. I think yours if far more realistic. I'm going to have to do some serious slashing on mine...;o( Happy travel preparations!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I agree with everyone else - you shouldn't need a blow dryer, plus you would probably fry yours even using an adapter.

I would suggest only bringing enough diapers for the first few hours, overnights and the travel day home. As for toys, same thing - stacking cups are good and can double as bath toys. Maybe a "baby's first photo album" - even if you sent one, you may not get it back, so bring one with the same pictures you sent, if possible.

I second Kristi on the prune juice! I never found it in China.

As to clothes... some provinces rarely sell any bottoms other than split pants, so keep that in mind.

Finally, I'd recommend bringing a small power strip. Then you only have to use one adapter and you can charge all of your electronics at once.

Happy prep time! It's coming SOON.

Kim said...


Here's my 2 cents:

-Do not take a travel hair dryer. I tried using mine with an adapter and it fried anyway. Every hotel we stayed in had one and they did the trick.

-Make sure to take antibiotics for a sinus infection if you are able to.

-Take cough drops with you.

-Your hair will be like straw from flying and the change in environment. Make sure to take some deep conditioner with you.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

If you look on any children's item purchased here in the USA it will say made in China!!! I wish I would have just waited and bought what I needed when I got there. I hauled around A LOT of things I didn't need and never used. YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING you need in China no problem and it is less expensive.
I will second the suggestion regarding bringing a syringe to give tylenol or whatever it is soooooo much easier. Relax and enjoy the experience.

chicknboy said...

you've already rec'd alot of good advice.

just enough diapers for the first day and plane ride home -so 6-10 tops.

on the toys-bring maybe 2 things, Lauren probably won't know what to do with them (Elizabeth didn't)..she will most likely be easily entertained..Elizabeth spent HOURS on the plane playing with the plastic cup and utensils given to us for our meals.

don't bring a ton of clothes-for you guys or for her. I know, hard not to do when you want her looking SO cute those first few days. we had laundry sent out every 4 days or so and that did us just fine.

burp cloths -you won't need those. maybe bring one just to wipe up spills.

bring ziploc bags -quart and gallon sized to put things in-in case you find she'll only eat one thing at the buffets, or if something gets wet.

travel Tide packets -I did 2 washes in our tub...the more delicate items I didn't want sent out.

also-you can bring a carry-on suitcase too. we did. we each had a backpack, a small roller bag for on the plane, and a large suitcase to be checked. make sure you have a change of clothes for each of you, and basic meds in your carry-on bag "just in case" everything else gets lost. :)

Jboo said...

Looks like you've gotten lots of great advice already, so I'll leave with you some advice on what to buy in China -- buy more pearls and more little girl shoes! Those the two things that I wish I had really stocked up on.

Have a great trip!


Katie said...

you had the taggie, blanket, nail clippers, and blow dryer listed twice, but that was all i noticed.

Michele said...

My two cents worth. Pack everything you can in ziploc bags, leaves more space and the bags are great. Don't pack the diaper disposal can use ziplocks. You will need a few office supplies and I highly recommend bubble wrap. You can line your suitcase with it and it will come in handy when you are bringing items home. We took some comfort foods for ourselves which were nice. We packed all of our meds in our carry on luggage with a change of clothes. You will want something to wash out clothes with and don't forget the dish soap (I was able to find Palmolive ones that were like towels- hard to find, but worked great). Don't forget adaptors! My one regret was not buying a silk blanket at the Silk Factory (about 150 USD) We did buy cloisane (sp?) ornaments for Catie. We bought 18 of them and one for when she accepts Christ. These are really cool, she gets a new ornament to put on the tree each year. Wait till you get to Shamin Island to buy everything..Cheap! Don't take cheerios- some children have food adversions and you can find everything that she would possibly want to eat there. Good Luck, Godspeed and can't wait to hear about your journey. We stayed in Guangzhou our entire journey...let me know if you would like to chat. Just a phone call away.

Yen973 said...

I would not take a lot of diapers and wipes. I would only take for the plane rides home. Use the ones from China in China. I also would not take any formula, I would not change her that until you come home and begin gradually transitioning her. Nail Clippers are listed twice. I also brought a vinyl tablecloth to spread on the floor to sit and play on. A beach ball was a big hit too. Don't load up on clothes chances are they will all be to big. Shea's were even though I had new height and weight info. I would only bring 2 bottles, as she is probably very used to hers and might not want to give it up, right away.
If I think of anything else I will write again. Can't wait to follow the journey.

Carol and Taylor said...

my maonan babe now has a big girl blog at however, I still have her travel blog up til I can make a copy. It has my annontated packing list if you want to take a peek., enter taylor jordan, pswd is Taylor (w/cap T). Click on the TaylorFest2006: World Tour page, then click "Packing Hell".

The quick answer is bring it all if you have room. If not, cut down on the baby stuff, i.e. diapers, bottles, formula, food, etc. There are literally stores across the street from the hotel where you can purchase it all. I took the pain in the butt liner bottles, but then left the liners in a hotel when we switched, therefore had to buy bottles there, no liners. They were so much easier and FINE.

Good luck and happy travels.

Kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recomend a mai tai style carrier like the brand Baby Hawk makes. These are great for carrying up to three years old-are often used in Asian countries, easy to use and you can use it to carry baby around and on the plane to secure her to you.

I also want to recomend childrens benedryl. For a long plane ride, you never know if allergies can pop up.

Many blessings and God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

We traveled this summer. I didn't take a bottle/nipple brush and never needed it. What you might want to take are a few dishcloths and a small container of dish soap (I put some in an empty plastic travel container). I used these for washing bottles and nipples and then hung the dishcloths to dry. What I found invaluable were clip hooks (clip on one end, hook on the other) for hanging things on the shower rod to dry. You won't need a blowdryer at all; they have them in the hotels. I found twist ties to work better than rubber bands for the bottle liners. And take PLENTY of bottle liners, as you won't find them there. I took an entire box.

Allie's going to be a Sister said...

Joe & Donna,

Have a wonderful trip and we
look forward to following your
journey to Lauren. My travel mate
had the idea of the divided little
containers, you can get them at
Target in the bottle isle. It was
great, since your so busy in China
it has 3-slots and you fill up
the formula, it's good for three
bottles at a time. When using
the water pot in the hotel to
sterlize the nipples. I had a
pampered Chef's toast tongs with
me so I wouldn't get burned. We
found bringing snack bars and such
helped, I wish I would of bought
more chinese silk outfits and shoes, they are so cheap there
Prunes, if Lauren's constipated
they work like a charm, In our
travel group, I loaned ours out
Gerber 2 pack.

sierrasmom said...

Hi Donna, We are taking one checked in suitcase and 1 carry on each. Scott and David will also have a small back pack and I will have a very large purse. We are only bringing 3 other outfits then the ones we have on. If we need more we will buy them there. We also plan n sending laundry out. I am only bringing a few outfits for Sierra also, same reasoning. If it wasn't for the liquid thing we would just be doing carry on. I am not bringing a hair dryer or shampoo etc. The hotels have them. We are planning to buy a suit case there and will bring back 2 checked bags. Sierra is out of diapers but I will bring a couple of night time ones just in case. Of course this is just my plan. I will not start packing until after Christmas! I am done with work on this Tuesday so I iwll ahve m ore time!

Carol and Taylor said...


forgot the biggest tip of all...make sure you mix everything up between all the bags, in case any luggage gets lost. Make sure you have a change of clothes for mom and dad in the carry-ons. Unless both you and your husband buy clothes in the petite sections and are no larger than a size 6 or 8 (and whatever the comparable male size would be), you will find nothing to fit you in china to tide you over while you await your lost luggage.

baby clothes and baby stuff is abundant, so ultimately if that stuff gets lost, though you'll freak, you can buy it all there. Its the stuff of the parents that would be tough to replace.

last tip then I'll shut up: pack early so that the last day or 2 before you leave, you and your husband can enjoy each other's company. go on on a date, go get your hair done so you'll look fab in all the photos. pamper yourselves. the opportunity to do so again post baby, will be a long time in coming!

can't wait to follow your trip! thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity.

Kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor
maonan swi, doa 1/16/2006

JoAnn in NJ said...

Good lists, I second the comments about losing the blow dryer and adding prune juice! My daughter didn't need it but some others did!

The big things we all needed were tampons and cold meds for adults - you cannot get those.

I also recommend taking disposable bibs, biter biscuits (very helpful with teething!) and take lots of plastic baggies! Use your diaper bag as your purse/carry on. Take the stuff out of their boxes and put them in zip locks, you can get more milage out of it that way.

We only took 3 outfits for Kelsey and now I wish I brought was spring when we flew and I think she was cold. Your little one walks now, right? Our girl was only 9 months old and didn't. Plus depending on the city that you receive her in---there might not be as much "stuff" as in Guangzho.

Good luck!