Monday, January 09, 2006

Could be a great week!

Well, we survived hanging out with the kids over the weekend while my brother & sister-in-law were out of town! We had a great, activity filled couple of days, but now we need to recouperate. We all had dinner at our place last night before my Mom took the kids back to their place. As we stood at the door giving hugs and kisses and my 3yr old nephew, Josh, walked out the door he said I'm gonna miss you guys. I thought that was so cute!

I'm still waiting to hear if we will be DTC this Friday, but I have a really good feeling that we will! My agency is just waiting for our dossier docs to get back from the Washington courier who had them authenticated. They should be back tomorrow or Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed and send good vibes in this direction!


Lisa and Tate said...

I am crossing everything I can...
Good luck with the DTC on Friday....I think I will be only one week behind.... Let's do lunch at Lucy's Place in GZ... with Tate and Lauren...Oh to dream!!! D is out of my hands.... Freak!!!


Kim said...

Good vibes coming your way and I'm crossing all that I can for you!

This is your week...I just know it!


Stephe said...

I am so excited for you! Yippee! I just checked the Fedex website and my docs from the Chinese Embassay are expected in my hands today. So, I think I will be a week after you. Looks like I will be in the same time as Lisa & Tate! My fingers are crossed for you. Have you joined a DTC group? If so, which one?