Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What a great surprise!!

I had a really crazy afternoon at the office today and figured I would just come home and crash. When I pulled up to the house, there was a box at the door. Hmmm...I didn't order anything from Amazon last week, what can it be? It turns out the box is from my blogger friend Gen, of Bring back Baby and there were several fun things in it, including a surprise!

She sent me a scrapbook packet to do a page for their little one to be. Check out all the cute supplies she sent. I can't wait to start working on the page!

She also sent her completed Good Wishes page for Lauren and you can check that out here.

Now, for the surprise! There was a wrapped box that said "Happy DTC" on top...inside was this totally adorable hand painted mug with a lid to keep your drink hot. One side says "Enjoy" and the other says "Good things are going to happen".

Also, there was a little package of "Oh Baby" "Bag Ladies Tea." Each tea bag has a baby-related funny saying on the tag.

Gen, thank you SO much...I love the mug and tea bags and plan on having a relaxing evening very soon just sipping on some tea and reading one of the adoption books in my stack of books to read.

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Gen said...

No Donna, thank YOU! I have had so much fun learning how to scrap. You were also very generous to let me use your scrapbook idea.

I am so glad that you liked all the goodies...

Gen xoxo