Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fun find...

I was surfing Babies R Us , thinking about actually starting a baby registry, and came upon one of those shopping cart seat covers that double as a cover for restaurant high chairs. I've seen those used in the grocery stores and they look like a good idea both for comfort and cleanliness. The one they offer is just a standard baby alphabet print, with no options for cool fabrics. Nope, this just won't due for the long awaited baby Lauren.

After some web surfing I found the ultimate site for cart covers called KozyPal. They have the best fabric choices of all the sites I found, including some really fun and funky prints.

My favorite is this one called Carnival Bloom.

As you check out their fabric selection, you can click in and see how it looks made up and on a cart.

Happy shopping!


Lisa and Tate said...

Cute!!! I really do not need to spend more money on stuff like this, but must because it is tooooooo cute!!! Both Lauren and Tate deserve the very best.... and this I would say would make one stylin' seat cover!


Don and Be said...

That is wild and wonderful - never seen one before!

M3 said...

Wow, that fabric is beautiful!!! I'd love to order other things in it too. A little bag, perhaps? Fun!

amy said...

those are too cute! Thanks for the link!

Stephe said...

They have great looking fabrics. I was considering trying to sew one of these! Who knows when I'll find the time! Are you going to get it? Lauren will look SUPER CUTE sitting in that shopping cart!!! : )

Janet said...


Joannah said...

That is so cute! I love that fabric.

BTW, your blog looks gorgeous! You are one stylin' chick!

Roy and Lori said...

So cute!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Very cute. The hubs and I did the baby registry thing.. not sure why though, we know we are not having a shower or anything. He said he just wanted to do it because this will be "our" baby. (we have his and mine but no "ours") And, because he had never registered before. He was like some young, new father-to-be in that store.. hilarious!

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much for your kind words yesterday. They meant a lot to me.
Is Linda your mother? She left a comment yesterday. If she is, I would love to let her know that I was reading through some of the beautiful comments yesterday and hers brought me to tears. Thank you Linda for reaching out to me and leaving that darling comment. I was completely overwhelmed that someone out of the blue would say such wonderful things to lift my spirits. Please do not remain a lurker. I would love to see your comments regularly!
If she's not your Mom, then this looks a little silly : ), but I know you will be ok with it.

Lynn~Somewhere In The Sun said...

Hey Donna, check out my blog...I nominated you for an award!

I have really enjoyed your blog and your uplifting spirit as you wait to bring Lauren home.

Kelly & Sindy said...

Hey Donna,

Just wanted to say hello! You can
move us to in China and I have a
New blog
Hope to talk with you soon!

Your AZ Friend!