Friday, September 07, 2007

Kudos for PBS Kids...

for the Arthur episode I just watched. This episode featured Arthur's friend Binky and his family adopting a baby girl from China. The show gave a great "child friendly" overview of what adoption is and how a biological child might deal with having an adopted sibling. I think this episode will be a very positive influence for any child who watches it.

During one of the commercial breaks, they aired a one minute "video postcard" (videos sent in by viewers) of two friends who are adopted from China. The girls show where China is on the map, one of them shows her referral, and then it shows them having dim sum with their families. Very cute.

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Lisa and Tate said...

It was so fun to see this... I even taped it to share later. I just love the fact that adoption is getting such a positive portrayal on Public TV. These are small steps in acceptance but will make a big impact in our kiddos lives!