Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 will be a very big year for many of us here in Blogville, as we receive referrals and start our new families. For us, this is not only the beginning of a new year but the beginning of a brand new and exciting chapter in our lives. We have been trying for parenthood for over 10 years now and our dream has finally come true! We have been blessed with a daughter who we feel is the perfect fit for us!

Today, after watching the Tournament of Roses Parade (a tradition for me) we officially started packing. Wow, talk about overwhelming!! Even with our list in hand, it is really intimidating sitting there surrounded by all the stuff that somehow has to go into our very limited luggage and make it across the world.

Since we are taking a domestic flight in China, we are each restricted to one 44lb check-in bag, one carry-on, and one personal item. Joe is taking a check-in, rolling carry-on and a backpack and I have a check-in, rolling carry-on and a purse. Another decision is what gets packed in the checked bags and what goes in the carry-ons and what's the smartest way to distribute everything. So far this is what I have in mind (any suggestions would be appreciated)...

  • Joe's back-pack will hold the laptop and camera along with their accessories (batteries, memory cards, power cords, etc) and our document holder with the adoption paperwork.
  • One of our rolling carry-ons is going to hold our 1st day Beijing outfits, long johns, hats, scarves, gloves...this way if our luggage is lost for a day we are at least covered for our touring day. This bag will also hold a copy of our adoption paperwork.
  • Prescription meds in my purse (in their original bottles)
  • Waist wallets will hold cash, passports and driver's licenses
  • We are carrying on our coats, which can double as a pillow/blanket in a pinch.
  • We are going to split Lauren's clothes up into two large for each checked bag. I figure then if one is lost, we at least have some clothes for her. I'm thinking we should do this with our clothes too.
  • All the non-prescription meds fit into a gallon sized ziplock (I took them all out of the packages and attached the instructions with a rubber band if they weren't already on the tube/bottle). This ziplock, along with some other baby care items is in a shoebox sized rubber-maid container that will be used for washing small items. I'm bringing light weight plastic tongs for fishing items out of the hot water.
  • I'm questioning whether all our non-prescription stuff should be packed in the same bag...if it's lost then we have none of it. I wonder if I should split this up too.

There's just SO much to think about when you're new parents traveling around the world and taking care of a little child out of a hotel room for two weeks! I'm not freaking out, but it is a little bit scary. Please let me know if you have any tips on packing that might help.

I do have one tip regarding the non-prescription meds if you want to take them out of the boxes...many of them have the instructions on the tube/bottle, but it's in teeny-tiny writing. Our baby nail clippers have a little magnifying glass on them for baby's tiny nails. It works perfect for reading the med instructions! ;)


Somewhere In The Sun said...

It sounds like you have it down to a science! I would split the meds up for sure like you said. And just remember, if you are over the weight limit, everything you need can be bought in China.

Carol and Taylor said...

If you're stuck and need more room for a few things, take a backpack for yourself as well, and put your purse inside it for the plane ride...converting both into "one personal item".

Exciting times, huh? Beijing in January is the best!

Kind regards and Happy New Year,

Carol and Taylor

Kim said...

I think your packing plans sound great. I would probably split up the meds as well. What ever you do, do not overpack clothing for you or Lauren. The hotels do a fabulous job at laundry so don't hesitate to use that service often.

Cora said...

Happy New Year. What a way to start it out, packing for a trip around the world.
Try not to stress too much, I am sure you will have everything you need once you get there, no matter what you forget.

sierrasmom said...

Sounds good to me Donna. You are much farther ahead then me. I will be ready though when it is time to depart one week away!!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy New Year girly..
Sounds like you are doing very well..
At least I know I have someone close to help me out when it is my turn..
I am soooo excited..
you are almost there..
I hear that you can get almost anything there..
Have fun..
can't wait to follow you over on your AMAZING journey..

Ash said...

Our daughter Hannah, we adopted her this summer on07/01/08. She was also from Maoming, Guangdong... so we too were two weeks in Guangzhou. If you need any advice or help or want to know where to shop, eat, how to get around? & the others' comments are right, you can shop in China as you do here. So if you don't pack it or it gets lost you can buy it. They have clothes, shoes, malls, fast food, oreo cookies..LOL!!... you'll be fine. Really :o) :o)Use Grace at "The China Doll" shoppe across from the White Swan Hotel to do your laundry... she is awesome, costs 40% to 60% less than the hotel price for laundry. Good quality and she has fast turn around (next day). Feel free to email me.

Good luck and I am so happy for you. You are going to be a wonderful mommy. Congratulations again, & cannot wait to see you holding your precious daughter!

Lisa and Tate said...

All sounds good to me... hope you pass the list onto me when I need it!!! Needless to say I am sooooo excited for you to finally hold Lauren!!!

Karsynn's Mommy...Sammi said...

Just can get anything you need there in China. If you have your paperwork and meds, you're good to go! Just breathe and enjoy every single moment. It will fly by and you'll wish you were back in China again when things seemed simpler. Just take one moment at a time and know that there are people following your journey who are praying for you.

Rhonda said...

Hey Donna,
I started my blog back in May, the month before we received our referral...but before that, I'd been looking at yours' for a long time and you really encouraged me to "jump in" when I was really reluctant--blogging, I mean. Anyway, with the busy-ness of receiving a referral, going to China, taking care of all my other children during a most busy time of each of their lives, etc....I've sorta lost track of you until tonight when I was looking back through some of my old bookmarked blogs....AND YEA YEA YEA YEA, you're going to CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see that your LID was 2/17. Ours' was 1/13/06 and we received our refferal on June 9th! Can you believe it took this long to get to you?! It's a crime. But don't get me started. I know you know how I feel. ANyway, welcome to parenthood! I am celebrating through blog-space for you! Savor every second and try not to stress over anything. RELAX, and love her well, and everything else will take care of itself. It'll be awesome.

Well, I'll be checkin' back with you!


Allie's going to be a Sister said...

Joe, Donna, and Linda,

Congrats it's almost here and
were so excited for you all!!
looks like you have everything
in order as far as the packing
goes, I too would split up the
meds. Remember if it gets to
close, dont sweat it, your
lucky being at the Victory
your within walking distance
to diapers, wipes, snacks,

Happy New Year!!!


Kelly, Sindy, Allie and soon


Scott and Kim said...

Happy New Year!! In a week you will be in route to CHINA!!! I had to look back to our pictures to see how many bags we brought with us to China. We had set many things aside to pack over the course of a month or more. When it came time to actually pack our bags there were a few things that just would not fit. We ended up over packing clothes mainly for the girls and some for us too. Having our clothes washed in China was really inexpensive and ready the same day or within 24 hours. We ended up purchasing 2 bigger pieces of luggage (for $25) in Guangzhou to get all of our purchases home. It looks like you are really in good shape!

Michele said...

Just my two cents...skip the purse and go for a backpack. Backpack can double for a diaper bag as well. If you bought Lauren a seat on the plane home don't forget that you can purchase a suitcase in China to pack all of your treasures. Don't forget to line the inside of your suitcase with bubble wrap. Perfect for wrapping jade, tea sets, and etchings on the way home. Safe travels!

Kristy said...

First thing is first, SHE is beautiful and can't wait to see her in your arms!!! Second, I think the "packing" thing is going great for you, it seems as if you have it all covered so thank you for the lesson!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Catherine said...

Wow Donna! Just reading your post gave me goose bumps as you're SO close!! Thrilled for you!

You have such great ideas about packing that I immediately linked this post to my favourites for help later this year. Sounds like you're well on your way!

So happy for you! Lauren will be in your arms THIS month!!!!

Polar Bear said...

What GREAT packing tips!!

I can't wait to follow your journey to Lauren!

Happy 2009!!! What a HAPPY year it is for you!!!

Julie said...

Donna, I would second the comment about the purse. I would bring a backpack, plus once you get home you will find that when you are out with Lauren that you will be bringing a diaper bag or backpack, vs a purse anyway. Also look over at - Stephanie is there with her sister and has some interesting comments about packing vs. what not to pack and travelling in China that are not helpful.

Good luck! So excited for you

Carol said...

not long now, have a WONDERFUL trip Mommy..........

Shannon said...

I will say that despite warnings, luggage weight was never an issue. Of course, I hate to say that and find out your trip is different, which is likely! Enjoy and just get sick of wearing the same three outfits! Skip the purse, there are baby snacks in China, I brought 74 diapers and came back with about 10. Used 3/4 of the baby wipes pack. Things I didn't need the other gal in the other province group did judgement and don't stress too much! =)

Rick, Michelle, and Jonah said...

Hello- I found your blog and was instantly excited for you and your husband. We are too adopting a little girl from China! Have a safe trip and enjoy the ride to new chapters in your life. Be sure to take some quick acting diaherra pills called travelers diahrea pills(from your dr or health food stores)- you might react to the foods over there. Also use the bed sheets as a nice backdrop in the hotel room when you take all those wonderful pics of your little girl! Best wishes.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Days away... days away... :)

And can I just say that I really enjoy your mom?

kelly said...

Wow! This is sooo exciting! I noticed that you mentioned packing in Ziploc bags. We used the "Pack Max" bags from Walmart. You just zip them up and roll the air out of them. They worked great! Once home, we use them to store pillows, blankets, out of season clothes... They saved us a ton of space! good luck with your travels!

GouGouAwu said...
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GouGouAwu said...
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GouGouAwu said...

Sorry,I made 2 mistakes.

Here is what I want to say:
GuangDong temperature

2009 01 05 19℃~10℃
2009 01 06 21℃~12℃