Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Couch Photo Day

I think today was the first morning we didn't need to get up for an appointment. We were free until 2:30pm today for our travel group and red couch photos. We did a little shopping, had lunch and then it was off to dress the babies for the photos.

Here's Lauren in her cute little outfit. I had to distract her to get her hair clip in. If she knows it's there, then out it goes!

Lauren and Julia are the only two in our group from the same orphanage. Julia is the sweetest little baby...she's so laid back.

This picture is funny...all the babies are looking every which way, but Lauren is looking straight ahead ready for the picture.

This one cracks me up...Giorgia stole one of Lauren's stacking cups and she just won't give it up...she won't take her hand off of it. Eventually she just gives it up without a fight though.

Here's the baby paparazzi...it was quite a sight!

One of my favorite things to shop for has been shoes for Lauren. I got some really cute leather squeaky shoes at Sherry's Place and I also got some non-squeaky shoes for later on...some at Sherry's Place and some at a mall in Guangzhou. They have the most adorable kids shoes here.

I'm not a huge fan of brocade fabric and most of the Asian style outfits are made out of it. I did buy a few of them, but also managed to find a couple of cute cotton outfits as well...here's my favorite...

Well, I'm exhausted again today (hmmmm...I've said that every night now), so I'm heading off to get ready for bed. I'll leave you with this little video from earlier today...

You can see all our photos from the day here.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos..
Glad everything is going well..
LOVE the shoes.. tooo cute and the outfit is adorable..
Lauren looks like she is doing sooo well..
Have a good nights sleep..
I am off to work..
Was hoping you would post before I went..

Linda said...

Lauren loves her chips...We have something in common... Just a few more days till I get to welcome her home. Love her outfit for the picture, she looked so pretty. Mom

kelly said...

Love the shoes and pictures! It's hard to believe she'll finally be home soon!!

Ani said...

the pleasures of shopping for a GIRL! love the shoes.

From the pics it looks like she's having more and more good moments. Her smile just lights up her face.

chicknboy said...

I know -that red couch photo is always a hoot!

you did some great shoe shopping! Lauren's set for awhile. :)

exhaustion...yep-you sound like a great mom now! :) it's the most exhausting, yet most rewarding job there is!

still praying for you guys as Lauren learns to trust and love you a little more each and every day!

Carol said...

LOVE THE DRESS!!!! Buy, buy, buy Donna if you can!!! I did not buy enough and WISH now I had!!!!! Get every size you can!!!!

Ava Baby said...

Lauren looks beautiful! All the kids are so cute. Enjoy your last few days. Michele

Cora said...

Great video! so cute!
Hope you sleep well and have a great day.

Norma said...

what a dolly.........looks like she has been with you forever.......that's the power of love!!!

OziMum said...

Gorgeous movie! I love hearing you talk to Lauren! Who doesn't like Pringles?!! I'd eat them off the floor too!!!

Thanks for all your info/tips! Your Mum has been a legend in passing on info!!! :) Lauren looks so good!

Gorgeous outfit and SHOES!!! OMG!! The SHOES!


Bobby said...

That is a beautiful group of children. “Lucky Parents”!

Brandi said...

I LOVE the picture of Lauren in her new outfit. She's adorable!

Actually all the kids are adorable.

LOVE the shoes! I can't wait till I get to help the Chinese economy by purchasing a TON of shoes!

So glad to hear things are looking up for all of you, and that Lauren is starting to warm up to you & show her true personality!

Alyson and Ford said...

Glad you were successful with the red couch photos!
Love the cotton outfit, wish we had found some, but with only two good days in GZ we were strapped for shopping time!
Great photos!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for FOUR Months!

Jacquie said...

Donna, I love watching the videos of Lauren. What a little sweetie. Your family is going to have a ball with her. And I predict that Little Miss Lauren is going to eat it up!

Stephanie said...

I loved the red couch photo... looked like it could be a poster! All the babies are beautiful. However, you know we are very biased towards Qing Qing!

3 more days!


Natalie said...

Wow, it just gets better and better. She is such a beautiful girl. I love how sweet she is and I think you are awesome parents. keep up your good work.
The outfit is adorable but with Lauren in it, of course it would be. The shoes are too cute.

Doreen said...

Lauren looks like a princess.She gets prettier with each day, if that's possible! It's like she's relaxing her entire being.It's quite beautiful to watch (and quite the relief as well, I might add!)
Great shopping....keep up the good work!!!! :-D

Doreen in montreal single mom to faith_Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

it is so wonderful to see Lauren doing so well. i love the outfit both the cotton one and the one she is wearing. check out the store where Karen got her coming home outfit for Cotton outfits they had several....

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous babies! Lovely shoes!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

She is adorable, they all are.

She looks so relaxed and content in the first picture. It looks like you are really making progress.

Christi and Abbey said...

So glad you bought lots of shoes. I thought I got plenty at 5 pairs, couldn't understand why one woman bought 20...then I got home and bought my first pair of kids shoes and found out how expensive they are...even at Target. China's are the best and SO cute. The outfit is darling! I have to wait until Abbey falls asleep to watch the video.

A Waiting Cousin said...

So which photo is the original "Red Couch Photo" that you chose?