Thursday, May 07, 2009

This week, blog makeovers, and Blogville...

Thank you all for your well wishes and encouragement about heading back to work next week. We've been taking it really slow and savoring every minute of this week, and it's been very nice.

As we get closer to Monday, I'm getting more and more anxious about leaving her. I know she's in good hands with Joe and that does help with my anxiety. For those of you still waiting to bring your children sure to enjoy every moment of being home because it goes SO very fast. I feel like the time I had with Lauren over these past four months was just priceless and I am so thankful for the close bond we were able to form.

Also this week, during Lauren's naps and at night, I was able to finish up the four blog makeovers for the winners I drew, plus I did a makeover for a friend and China travel mate. Here's the headers I did and you can see the complete blog makeovers at the links below...

All About Elizabeth (Anne)

Simply Mia (Susan, Matt & Mia)

Moments with Miya Mei (Sara)

From Dawn til Dusk (Dawn & Dale)

Our Sweet Julia (Diane & John)

I've been thinking a lot about what to do with my blog at this point. During the wait, I had always thought I would close it down once I went back to work. I figured I wouldn't have the time to keep it up anymore. I'm finding now that it's harder than I thought to just shut it down and close out this chapter of our lives. I've been blogging now since September 2005, right after we submitted our adoption application. When you're a resident of Blogville for three and a half years, it kind of becomes part of your life and it's hard to let go. Does this sound strange or do other Blogville residents get this? For now, I've decided to keep the blog up and try to update at least once a week. We'll see how it goes and how I feel once I get settled back in at work.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the new looks ... you did a WONDERFUL Job..
As for shutting down.. I hope you don't.... I love reading your blog..
it has helped me through this LONG wait..
Have a WONDERFUL 1st Mother's Day..

Jboo said...

Wow - beautiful blog makeovers! You are one talented lady!

I hope you are able to continue to blog a bit now and then. While it's hard to find time to blog at times, it's still fun to do. Best wishes for Mother's Day and Monday!


Cora said...

Great job on the headers! they all look great.
I hope you stick around too but I understand the time it takes.
Take care,

Kendra said...

When life got a little busy for me, I thought about deleting my blog. I never could seem to make myself hit the DELETE button. After a year's hiatus, I decided to return to blogging, albeit sporadically. As you said, it's a chapter in our lives that I just wasn't ready to close.

Love the blog make-overs by the way. Too cute!

Julie said...

As you know I've gone through several variations of this. And mostly because I felt others had expectations of me. Blog for yourself - and don't put any expectations on yourself - keep it up, but blog when you feel like it. Though I love seeing Lauren updates, we will understand either way.

Michelle said...

I have nothing but good thoughts for you as you prepare to go back to work. I can't imagine how hard it must be.

The blog makeovers are so beautiful! I'll give you a call next time I want a change :)

Please don't stop blogging! I would miss you terribly(because it's all about me :) Seriously though, you need to do what is right for you and I totally understand if you just don't have the time. Work is such a time suck!

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

Thanks again for the new header. Mia loves it.
I don't always find a lot of time to blog but I continue with it. I have been thinking about creating her blog into books for Mia by years. These are such good memories for all of the family.
This is also a way for my family that lives away to see how big Mia is getting and what she is doing.


Lisa and Tate said...

You are so talented!!!

Do not give up the blog... once a week is a good.

sierrasmom said...

Donna, First of all thanks for getting Diane's blog all set up!!!
I wanted to take this time to wish you a very special Mother's Day.I have loved watching Lauren grow and blossom in your care. You will continue to nuture her in the way she needs even though you will be working. I have no doubt!!! Please extend a happy Mother's Day to you Mom Linda also!!! Enjoy your special day!!!

Anonymous said...

You are not allowed to stop blogging!!!! I look forward to reading your blog and keeping up with your sweet Little Miss!

Diane said...


Happy Mother's Day! Special Thank You for the Beautiful Header and start up of our Blog...It will be nice keeping in touch this way with travel mates. I wish you the very best as you start all will be fine...Please keep your blog going...even if part time...We enjoy it so much. Hugs for Lauren!


redmaryjanes said...

Those turned out just beautiful! I know how it feels to go back to work and it is so hard. But you all will get your new routine down and it will be just fine. Sending big hugs your way.

And hugs to your mom her!

Anonymous said...

Please don't shut down your blog, I've been reading it for years! I love your headers. I hope to learn how to blog someday.


hiltonsheadeast said...

OK, how the heck do you do this. they are beautiful, D! I would love to do things like this. Do you have a certain program? Does it work with MAC? Please let me know. Great job, Donna!


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