Friday, October 28, 2005

It's a Mystery...

Today we received an adorable children's book in the mail. The mystery is that I didn't order it and it has no packing slip or receipt. The return address label says "Best Sells" in Sacramento, CA. This company name doesn't come up on a Goggle search, it doesn't come up on the on-line yellow pages, and we don't know anyone in Sacramento.

It's an over-sized board book called Counting Kisses and the illustrations are really cute. The funny thing is that the author is Karen Katz, who is also the author of the flip books I bought for Lauren and posted a while back. Check those out here. Well, if anyone can solve the mystery, please let me know! If anyone out there sent it as a gift, I LOVE it!


Rina & John said...

My sister gave me that book at my baby shower, I love it.

I have it packed along with Annalisa's stuff ready to leave on Thursday for China.


aquamarine said...

Oh what a darling book. I am so glad I found your blog. It still isn't to late for me to use with my little ones! Thank you so much.