Thursday, May 11, 2006

Banner day at the mail box!

Yesterday was a great mail day...I received my secret pal gift and a good wishes page! You can check out the wishes page here.

This month's secret pal gift theme is Special Treat for Mom-to-be this Mother's Day, and special treats are what I got!! Check out this beautiful white, silky dress with embroidered cherry blossom flowers and matched head bands with bows. I can't wait to have Lauren's photo taken in this dress some day! This photo doesn't even do it's soooo pretty!

I also got two Little Suzy's Zoo books...Who's Laughing is about Tickle Bugs (ladybugs) and how they tickle and make Boof laugh. I also got a Mother's Day card just for Secret Pals, and it's so cute. I also love the little "I love my mommy" bib with a cute little ladybug.

As if all the other stuff isn't enough, I also got this wonderful, over-sized Chinese cookbook. The book is filled with China photos, stories, and recipes. The best part is that the recipes actually look easy to make and very good. I've been planning to have some friends over for a Chinese cooking day soon, so this book will come in very handy!

THANK YOU so much, Secret Pal, you are the best!! I can't wait to find out who you are so I can personally thank you for my great gifts.


Lisa and Tate said...

What an amazingly beautiful dress!!!! I can just see Lauren in it.... I think you SP has a theme going with the Suzy's Zoo books.... What a cute idea... I will be heading down for some of Joe's ribs and some Chinese cooking!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi from your SP! I am glad you like your gifts. I fell in love with the dress. The little blossom branches gave it that Asian flair. Also, I have been reading on your blog that you scrapbook and I thought if you don't cook that much you could cut the book up for scrapbook pictures! The photos in it are great! Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Oh I love the dress. It is so delicate looking and pretty. Lauren is going to look so pretty when she is wearing it.

heather said...

Gorgeous dress!!! I'm looking forward to flipping through that cookbook - it looks beautiful!