Monday, March 10, 2008

Registry fun...

This past Saturday was a big day...we decided to start our baby registry at Babies-r-Us (BRU). We got up bright and early and went to Mimi's Cafe for a nice breakfast. We knew we wanted to be at BRU shortly after it opened since it gets packed. We were the first ones at the registry desk and it wasn't long before we were armed with this...

...our very own scanner. This is a shoppers dream come true. We started out with the strollers, then the high chairs, and then moved on from there. I think we spent the most time at the baby carriers, which is kind of silly because will we really use it after we get back from China? Some of them were so hard to figure out that we just gave up on them and we never even picked one. For those of you who are already home, do you still use yours?

This is the carrier that had the most back support, but it has a big price tag to go with it. All the other carriers seemed like they would cause back pain/shoulder pain after about an hour or so.

Here's Joe testing out the chairs...

This is the only time the poor guy got to relax during the entire 3 hour shopping spree. Who knew that registering took SO long!

We registered for two different kinds of strollers...a regular full day out stroller and a light weight stroller. The Combi Helio Ex Stroller has a unique tri-fold for traveling and it's super lightweight. The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe is the one we selected for a full day out. For those with little ones at home, is it a good idea to have two strollers to use in different situations or is this a waste?

Also, I wasn't quite sure which type of bottles are best so I decided on the Playtex Drop-Ins and selected both the 8oz and 4 oz size, plus fast, medium and slow flow nipples. Any advice on this?


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Sounds like sooo much fun...
Love the picture of Joe in the chair..
Guys don't really care to shop to well..
Have a Great Week..

AJ's Mama said...

We have that carrier. My hubby used it more then I did. It was great when AJ was little but by the time he was about 10 months old he was to big to carry that way. For me it was hard on my back. For my hubby AJ's legs got to long so as they walked along and his legs swung he would kick Trav in the .... boy parts. Not good! What I used most for AJ was a sling. I love ring slings. But pouch slings were pretty good to. That way you can just do a hip carry and your hip helps take the weight off your back. and if folds up and fit in the diaper bag. And in an emergency a sling makes a good make shift burp rag, changing pad, blanket or even diaper (thankfully we never had to use ours as a diaper but we did us it for everything else!). I had about 5 different slings. They all had different little things I liked about them. My favorite place to get them is a second hand children's shop. They are so much cheaper that way. That way you can get a few for the same price. And they are washable too.

I hope this helped! I am so glad you finally got to go out and have some registering fun!

Kelly & Sindy said...



fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Sounds like fun.

I had two strollers for my first ( a big fancy strollers with lots of storage for big outings, a basic umbrella stroller for short outings or walks)

When my second came along I had a double stroller for when I wanted them both in a stroller and a single jogging type stroller for just her ( she was 17 months old when we got her, did not need the fancy smancy stroller my first had used as an infant. I still used the umbrella stroller from time to time. In fact I think we still have it hanging in the garage.

3D said...

Fun stuff! Looking forward to redoing our registry (did it when we first signed up and TRU closed it as it was inactive for so long...d'oh!)

Keep smilin!

Ruth said...

Sounds like great fun! We use this carrier, it's cheap and works well for us.

Stephe said...

The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe is sooo you. Love the colors. Most of my friends have the big one like the Graco and then a light umbrella stroller. I've got mine all picked out and it's kind of an obnoxious color but I LOVE it!!! I'll repost on my blog.

I definately am doing the Playtex drop ins too!!! Not the 4oz though. I think the 4 oz is for little bitty babies...but I don't really know!!!

What else did you register for? Inquiring minds want to know!!! :)

Carol said...

Well Emily was 2 and too big for a carrier, but my girlfriend really used hers after she got home.

Bottles, I'd agree get the bigger ones.......

Strollers, I use one all the time. I keep one at home and one in the car so we don't have to worry...

Lindsay said...

I have an Ergo baby carrier. Used it a lot when Hannah first came home and then neglected it as I found wearing her on my front was causing back ache. However she is still very insecure and clingy and I have gone back to using it, wearing her on my hip when we go anywhere noisy or busy as she finds these situations overwhelming, and my stroller is front facing (which prevents much chance to reassure her and make eye contact). I intend to continue using it and will also try wearing her on my back. I am even wearing it to do the vacuuming, cleaning etc as she has some separation anxiety.
I do recommend the Ergo - it is very strong and well made and does adjust to 3 positions. It has nice comfy straps and is easy to get on and off. I can take it off and get her out of it without waking her (always a big bonus!)

Stroller - I use a Peg Perego Aria OH. I love that I can steer it one handed, and it is light and very easy to put up/take down. I have even run it over in my car and it survived! Rain cover is not very well fitting on the back of the hood, but she stays dry. Cup holder is useless! I don't see the need for two strollers with this. It has a huge under seat basket, reclines for sleep, has a cup tray for baby and is comfortable. Hannah has done a couple of long walks etc in hers and is never uncomfortable. It is superlight weight and can be folded with one hand. I can lift it - with her in it - easily up flights of stairs and on and off the tram. Get something similar and I dont think you would need two.

Bottles - she will get used to what you are using pretty quickly. I tried two different types and we use one for milk only and the others for during the day. Day bottles are Avent (don't know if you can get them in the States?) and they are designed to help prevent colic (apparently are the best for this) which was a big issue for Hannah. This was just how it worked for us as she would only take her milk in bottles similar to the ones from the care home. Just make sure they come with a micro wave steriliser! A must have!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here are my tips...

Two strollers is good. You will use them both and you picked good ones!

Carriers - Do NOT get a Bjorn. Really. They are okay for really smal babies (like 3-6 months) but then they are way too big. I suggest the Ergo. Just google Ergo baby carrier and you will find lots of places that sell it. My daughter was two when we met, and it worked really well. It puts all the weight on your hips instead of straining your shoulders. It's awesome and worth every cent!

Bottles - Go with the bigger ones. She will be too big to drink 4 oz. She will need the 8 oz.

Congrats on doing your registry. That's very exciting!!


chicknboy said...

Looks like you had a blast!

I whole heartedly agree with the commenters saying to forget the Bjorn and go with the Ergo. I used the Bjorn with my babies-and they were both quite tiny -and it hurt my back once they hit about 3 months old. I bought the Ergo for Elizabeth and cannot tell you how glad I am that I did! I can carry all 3 kids (22 lbs/25lbs/and 33 lbs) for quite some time without anything on my body aching. I carried Elizabeth in the Ergo the majority of our time in China and rarely even felt her weight cuz it's all on your hips.

I still use the carrier here at home because some days she's just needier than others and when I need my hands free I can pop her in it and she's happy and I can get things done. :)

Chrissie said...

Just my two cents ... I had a hard time deciding on strollers, too. Our daughter is a year old and we just recently purchase a Maclaren for those quick trips. A light-weight stroller like the one you picked is an excellent idea. The Graco is nice, too, with the tray for snacks and a bottle/sippy cup. I think you will get much use out of both.

The bottles - 4 and 8 ounce is probably a smart idea. My daughter isn't much of a drinker, so I used the 4-ounce much more than the 8-ounce.

I agree with the person who wrote about the Bjorn. I used my once when my daughter was about 4 months. Other than that, I thought it was a pain. I don't think they're that helpful and they're hard on the back!!

Happy Shopping!

Mya said...

I am along time lurker and thought I'd give you my 2 cents. I just have a large stroller and it is rather light but I think its good to have 2. When we got Karlee it was August and very hot! I did not realize the carrier I purchased was lined with fleece! She about sweated to death and me too. So we just carried her and rented a stroller from the hotel. (she was bigger than most of the babies in our group 18#) Families with the little petite babies used the heck out of the carriers. (Mostly the men) Just be sure not to get one that's lined in fleece if your traveling in the summer.
We took both the playtex and avent and Karlee took both. However, we had to make the holes in the nipple really really BIG. Once we did that, she was done with the bottle in less than a minute! Depending on the age of your referral I wouldn't think you would need the slow nipples.
Anyways, this is just my experience. Glad you and the hubs had fun registering at BRU!

Janet said...

What a cool idea, with the scanner thingey! Sounds like fun!

OziMum said...

The Baby Bj.orn carriers are VERY popular, here in Oz.

From what I've read on alot of travel blogs - fast flow teats are the best, as the hole is bigger, which is better for the thicker formula that China uses?

I've got two prams (strollers!) too! I opted for a 3 wheel jogger and a super-light stroller. Can't wait to see what people get you!

Shannon said...

You picked GREAT strollers! I am a HUGE fan of Combi! I have one Granted it is a twin stroller and I LOVE it. The tri fold function makes it fold up nice and small! We had a Graco when the boys were younger and still in their carriers but have now switched to a Jogging stroller. Which is my absolute FAVORITE!!! It goes over anything! Rocks, dirt, curves, anything! I LOVE IT!! If you get one MAKE SURE it has a swivel wheel!!!! Makes a HUGE difference.

As far as bottles. With my boys we started out with the drop ins because I thought they would be the easiest. and we used them for awhile and then they decided they did not like them anymore. KIDS! hmmm so we switched to Gerber bottles. They just preferred those. They also preferred the fast flow nipples since they were babies.

And as far as sippie cups. Lordy I think we have bought nearly every kind known to man out there! We have tried them all!! The boys will only use Playtex brand! And they are hard to find and quite pricey! I was so hoping they would like the $1 nubey kind from such luck! they refused to drink from them!

Mommy to Jack and Palmer

Lili & Robin said...

Hi Donna - How fun that you registered! For strollers, I am also planning on two. Like ozium is doing....a Bob jogging stroller and a lightweight, yet durable, good quality umbrella stroller from Maclaren. My friends swear by the BabyHawk carrier. (I have a vague feeling I have seen you post about this on your blog before??) If not: -Lili

Susan said...

I have the Peg Perego Pliko P3. I love the way it "drives" with one handed steering and it opens and folds easily. I have a stroller I picked up at a consignment sale for $5 that is easy peasy one handed operation. I bought to fly with so I wouldn't have to check and run the risk of ruining my epensive stroller. I think it's a Kolcraft? I'm sure it's old as the hills but I love it and it makes a lot of the quick trips that need a stroller. Big one goes on big car trips.

I never used a carrier with O...Bjorn hurt (used it with my goddaughter when she was little) and I spent loads of money on a Mei Tai and didn't like it one iota. We ended up buying an Ergo/Bjorn type carrier while in China and it worked wonderfully, but we didn't use it after that.

We used more 8 oz than 4 oz bottles. I like the drop ins. We used fast flow nipples. You can make the holes bigger if you need to.

We always switched up and rotated bottles/cups for fear of losing one and needing one on a whim and not being able to find "the" one. Drop ins were my first choice, Avent 2nd. Sippy cups and blankets, some thing. Have lots to choose from.

Yen973 said...

I used the hip carrier. I think Playtex makes it. It can carry up to 35 pounds and the weight rests on your hip. I did use it China and when I got home. My daughter hated the shopping cart at the grocery store when I first got home. This helped me survive several months of shopping. I also used the drop ins, and did bring them to China. She fussed a little the first time I used it and then was fine with them.
Shealin's Mommy

Anonymous said...

I am long time lurker that delurked when you asked who was lurking a few weeks ago!

Love your blog and can't wait to see you get your baby!

How exciting to register! I know you must have been waiting for that fun event for a long time!

I have some advice on baby carriers. Check out the Baby Hawk Mei Tai. It is so awesome. You can order it online and there are tons of fabrics and colors to choose from. We carried Lily all over China with it and I NEVER had back pain. My husband also wore it and he even loved it. It gets your baby really close to you and it is GREAT for bonding. We used it up until she was about 18 months. I got so many compliments when wearing it because it is so nice and all our travel buddies were jealous of us. Super easy to use too. ( We had the Bjorn for our son Jack and I HATED it!) You can check out the Baby Hawk website. The other cool thing is that the lady who owns the company started up this business on her own- Go girl power!

Lisa in Denver
mom to Lily and Jack

Michele said...

What fun! Here are my two cents. You can get a Combi stroller for cheap at the Friendship Store in Guangzhou (lots of families did this). The Playtex bottles are great for China. The 4 oz are a waste as your daughter(depending on age will be drinking at least 8 oz.) Don't worry with slow flow nipples you will want the tri-cut nipples in China (and you will have to cut the hole even bigger) And when you get home use the fast flow. Everything else you can figure out as you go. All children are different. The one thing I did not have but got asap was an electric kettle. It is true that the babies drink their formula very -very hot and an electric kettle gets the water hot within a minute. You will also have one of these in China. I still use mine for tea and love it.

Sorry it is so long. I would love to meet and share more. Let me know if you are intersted.

Michele H.

sooze66 said...

What an exciting step of the journey!

Shannon said...

Oh what fun! I'm taking notes...