Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Decorations...

I woke up with a mission today to get my decorating done, including all the ornaments on the tree. My hubby left for work early this morning and shortly after I found myself sipping a cup of coffee in front of the computer checking e-mail and surfing adoption blogs. I finally tore myself away from that and swung into action.

This is my entry way and Mr. Moose here greets the visitors.

Here's the tree and I've got a close up of a few special ornaments.

On one of my many trips to Starbucks for my peppermint mocha fix, I spotted thier new ornament for this year and HAD to have it.

This ornament is in honor of baby Lauren. It's a cute little glass ladybug that hangs from the center of a glass ball. Love it!

This ornament I found at a boutique. Supposedly it says love in Chinese, but I have no idea if it really does. The girl who made it gave me a internet printout that she copied the character from, so maybe it really does say love. I'm going to just assume it does. :)


Jenny said...

I love your ornaments!! Please tell where you found the lady bug one. I am fairly sure I can find a Starbucks one. My sister has just got to have that! And did you say Peppermint Mocha? Now your talking my kind of language! Tis the Season!

Gen said...

You did an awesome job! Good for you for getting all that done. We are getting there-slowly. I love all of the special xmas ornaments. I can't believe that I haven't spotted the starbuck's ornament yet-guess I gotta get one. Lauren's ornaments are so unique-I haven't found anything remotely "special" like those out here. Off to Starbucks :)