Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dossier photos...

I finally got our dossier photos done and here they are

Tomorrow I'm off to the Secretary of State's office to have all our AZ notarized documents certified and I'm hoping to have all our paperwork ready to FedEx to our agency by Friday.


Kim said...

I am SO excited that you're about to be DTC!!! This is such an exciting time in the process!


Ava Baby said...

The photo pages look great and you're almost DTC. Whoohoo!! A great way to end the year.

Gen said...

Oh man-yours look so much better than ours! Perhaps you should start a business with all that creativity.

Susan said...

Wow! I sent a handful of 4x6 photos, they chose all the ones that show me without a neck and submitted them attached to plain white paper. Yours are fantastic! Congrats. Glad to hear things are moving right along.


Shannon said...

Your pictures look fabulous! Congrats on being almost there!

ExCindrela said...


You kill me! There you are with these photos & beautiful layouts- I sent 9 pictures of varying sizes loose to my agency who taped them on white copy paper!! LOL! Isn't it funny how much love we can pour on to a sheaf of paper, hoping that somehow someone a half a world away will be able to see it??
You've been so anxious to be DTC- I hope you have lots of activities planned, because you'll soon know the true meaning of "hurry up and wait"! My advice would be to: see lots of movies, have lots and lots of loooong dinners out, join your local FCC chapter (if you haven't already), and get started on a life book & scrapbook now- because you'll be amazed how little time you'll have once your little fortune cookie comes home!!



Stephe said...

Hi! I am with A Helping Hand as well and hoping to be DTC in about 2 or 3 weeks. Your photos look awesome. Are they computer generated or did you format them in scrapbook style? I am getting mine together over the next week! Best wishes on impending DTC!!!! Yippee!!