Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Must Have Book...

I was shopping at my favorite store, Target, yesterday and found the most darling children's book on Chinese adoption. I picked it up because of the adorable cover and the baby's almond shaped eyes.

It's the story of a ladybug, named Dot, who lives in a Chinese village. One day she finds a baby girl left by the side of the road in a basket. Dot ends up traveling with the baby to the orphanage and realizes that this is the place where babies come to be found. Then one day, Dot travels with the baby to meet her mommy and daddy, they name her Shaoey and they all fly off in the plane to go home.

The book is written in rhyming verses and here's my favorite verse:
It was all making sense now! Each bed in the room
held a lost little bundle of love,
and the sound they were making is the song babies sing
when they're needing their mothers to come

Dot landed on top of her little friend's rear
and whispered, "I've got some great news!
we are where mommies and daddies come looking
to find special babies like you!

Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman

I think all my fellow waiting parents will love this book. It may make you tear up a little when you read through it for the first time (like it did me), but I think it will be a great book to read with our little ones!


Anonymous said...

Donna, the book is written by the same person (Steven Curtis Chapman) who wrote the song you liked and wanted to post on "Lauren's" site. They've adopted I believe three girls from China and started an organization to fianceial help parents who want to adopt. Great book.


Kim said...

I love this book! I can't believe you found it at Target!