Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogging with a Purpose Award...

Thank you Stephe for nominating me for the Blogging with a Purpose Award.

You have been such an inspiration for me and many others during this wait. I think it's because you totally have your act together. You are organized and well read on the topic of adoption, which makes you such a great resource. I really feel like we are in this together since we'll be traveling in the same group to get our daughters...wouldn't that be amazing if they were crib-mates right now! Few waiting mommas have the opportunity to actually get together in person with a friend who has the same LID and with the same agency who lives on the opposite coast. We've been lucky enough to have this opportunity not once, but twice. This had been quite a ride and I'm SO GLAD to have you along for it!

I understand these are the following guidelines for said award:

1. Awarded parties must nominate five people who have not received the award.
2. The blogs that receive the award must serve some purpose.
3. In their post about the award they need to link back to the original entry.
4. Awarded parties must post the award banner on their site. The banner must remain linked to Eric Novak's site.

So without further ado, here are my five nominations in no particular order. I'm telling you, getting this list down to five was NOT easy. There are a few others I would like to add to the list:

Julie - To Tess & Back
I met Julie in August 2006 in Salt Lake when Lisa hosted a waiting mommas weekend, although I had been following her blog before that. It's hard to believe it's been 1.5 years since then and that Julie is all settled in with her beautiful daughter, Tess. I nominated Julie because of her wonderful creativity and her insight. I find myself really contemplating some of the thoughts Julie shares on her blog, like this post on things she's learned in 2007. My favorite insight from that post is "When people show you who they are, believe them. Don't be a fool."...I found myself thinking about how true that is.

Shelley - Mager Madness
I love keeping up on what's going on at the Mager household. Shelley has two beautiful daughters and always has a story to share. She has such a knack for telling stories in a really funny way and she always makes me smile. Also, I admire how she puts herself out there on her blog and has shared her struggle with weight loss, which has really hit home for me. She's been an incredible inspiration in that regard and has been a great shoulder to cry on when I need a little push. Plus, she is just a really sweet person.

Christie - The Adoption of Keira Joy
This brave women is waiting for two international adoptions...her daughter from China and her son from Ethiopia. Christie is one cool chickie and really has a way with words. She's open and honest and doesn't hold anything back. Her and Anton have got to be the cutest, most in love couple ever...they are SO cute together. They will make the best parents ever, because I know they have tons of love to share.

Lisa - Tate-r-Bug
I'm nominating Lisa because through all the ups and downs of this crazy process, she has an unwavering hope that her time will come and that Tate is out there waiting for her. Everyone has their good days and bad, but she has a knack for focusing on the positive and trying not to get all wrapped up with the negative stuff. This is something I really admire and wish she could rub this off on me! Besides this, she is a LOT of fun to be around...ready for another Disney trip, Lisa?

Mary-Mia - Salsa in China
Who doesn't love to keep up with the antics of Rose and Marie? Mary-Mia has her hands totally full with those two adorable little tornadoes and still continues to share her life with us. She is SO well spoken and writes so well, her posts have a way of sucking me in. Even if I pop over to her blog for a quick peek at the twins, I find myself reading all about their day. Another thing I like about Mary-Mia is that even though her blog has reached "celebrity" status in the adoption blogging community, she has her feet firmly planted in the ground, she is SOOOO down to earth and a heck of a nice person (she was in on our Salt Lake waiting mommas get together).

Well, that's my list of five but if I could go on, I'd list Tiffany, Jacquie, Gen, and Kim (password protected). I've been following their journeys for a long time and this wait just wouldn't be the same without them. I feel they have saved my sanity many times!


Jacquie said...

You are way too kind.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Donna- Do you know of a place in Phoenix,Mesa,Tempe, anywhere that you can actually go in and get some Asian themed books for kids???Thank you..
Award well deserved..
I love reading your blog..

Shelley said...

Wow! I'm all verklempt!

Thank you Donna for the nomination and the kind words. I've never been nominated for a blog award before and this is very cool.

Lisa and Tate said...

Thank you for the nomination and kind words.... Crap- Someone beat me to this cause I had planned on nominating YOU for this award!

Christie said...

OMG! You are so dang sweet! I'm tearing up over here - because you know how this started right? Scrapswap, girlfriend! And you were the only one I wanted to swap with because you're that good!

I really appreciate this so much, my friend - what a great way to end my hectic week -

I got some bloggy love!

OH MY #6 said...

Congrats on this award! You are definitely deserving. I love dropping by your BLOG!


Shelley said...

BTW - Right back atcha! Love your blog too. :)

Elizabeth's mom said...

Hi Donna,
I'm a long time lurker...Congrats on the award! Just wanted to let you know that I listed you on my blog as one of my favorites! If you want to check it out, feel free to email me and I'll send you an invite to my blog.

M3 said...

Awwww, thank you so much. You are so kind and your words made me just grin like mad. Huge hugs.