Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost (possible spoiler if you didn't watch the show yet)

Well, what did everyone think of Lost? Here's what we kind of know now. Do you agree, disagree or have anything to add?

  • Somehow six of them leave the island at some point in the future.
  • At least Jack, Kate and Hurley live in LA in the future.
  • I think the ones who leave the island suffer from unbearable guilt, possibily over leaving people behind. It seems Jack starts out fine in the flash forwards, but ends up eaten up alive by the feeling of needing to go back. Knowing Jack's history of always needing to save people, I'm thinking he is guilt ridden. Also, Hurley is so messed up, he's back in the mental ward.
  • The people on the freighter are NOT there to rescue them.

Ok, now the questions:

  • What do the people from the freighter really want?
  • Why do only six people leave the island?
  • How do they decide who gets to leave? Do they make some kind of deal with someone?
  • Who's funeral was it that Jack read about and attended, but no one else did?
  • Who or what is Jacob?
  • Why do the pregnant women die?
  • Who was the man who went to see Hurley in the mental institute?
  • What happens to those left behind on the island and what secret are the six who left the island keeping?

Notice how there are still more questions than things we know?


Dawn and Dale said...

Soooo true!!

My best friend Char and I were trying to guess who the "Oceanic 6" are!! lol

It is pretty normal now though that we STILL have no idea what's going on!! lol That's why we're so addicted I think!! We WANT to figure it all out!!

Sophia's Mama said...

I loved it and came to many of the same conclusions and unanswered questions.... Do you remember last season when Jack and Kate were at the airport runway talking and Kate said she had to go, she had to get back to (I think she said Sawyer) did they say something about them being married now? Or did I just make all of that up LOL....

Stephe said...

The show was just okay...

I really, really want to know who is in the casket. I think it was one of the Oceanic 6.

1. Jack
2. Kate
3. Hurly
4. Sun (cause she will die if not)
5. Jin
6. Sawyer, only because Jack refers that Kate needs to get back to him. But maybe "him" is her baby boy???? and Sawyer is still on the island and Kate is pissed that he refused to come with her. The have Jack say "him" so we think it's Sawyer. In that case, I guess is Desmond.

Carol said...

I get watching it, but get fed up with all the mess that goes around and around, then I leave, and then I come back and I'm all confused....and WHY did they kill Charlie off???? He was the one character I liked!!