Monday, January 21, 2008

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Here's an article for today's Yahoo News...

Higher fines for stars breaking China's one-child rule: state media

BEIJING (AFP) - Beijing plans to make an example of celebrities who flout
China's one-child policy by dramatically raising fines to prevent them buying
their way past the rule, state media said Monday.

"Celebrities and wealthy people will be more heavily fined for giving
birth to more than one child," Xinhua news agency quoted city family planning
chief Deng Xingzhou as saying.

The government and its media outlets have recently played up reports of celebrities
and other wealthy citizens skirting the policy, which limits urban families to one child.

The rocketing incomes of the wealthy have allowed them to increasingly
get past the rule by paying a fine officially set at around 100,000 yuan (13,800
dollars) for Beijing residents, but which is typically much lower, Xinhua said.

It cited the case of Hao Haidong, a player in China's domestic football league,
who was fined just 50,000 yuan for having a second child despite an annual salary
of five million yuan, one of China's highest soccer salaries.

Deng, who heads the Beijing Municipal Commission on Family Planning, said
during a government meeting that the level of the new fines for celebrities was still
being worked out. China's family planning policy began in the late 1970s as a way
to prevent the world's largest population -- now at 1.3 billion people -- from exceeding the country's capacity to feed it.

Generally, urban families can have one child and rural families can have two if the
first is a girl. The policy has averted about 400 million births, the government has said.

I think it's interesting that they state how many births were averted, but not how many children are now living life in an orphanage because of this policy.


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Think of all the women in China (two generations now) who have accepted abortion as a means of birth control. The worst part is thinking of all the babies who never made it to an orphanage over the 30 years and what happened to them.

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janet I second that......

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