Sunday, January 13, 2008

The weekend and random stuff...

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend has been really nice so far. Hope you all are having a good one.

On Friday morning heading into work I decided on a whim that if we had enough coverage for the day, I was going to take off at 11am and get a jump start on the weekend. It was a really busy work week and I was getting SO burnt out. Driving home on Friday I gave my friend, Christine, a call and she had been wanting to go to Crate & Barrel. Shopping?? Well, count me in! Retail therapy is JUST what I needed. So, off we go. Of course, Crate & Barrel is at the upscale I figured my retail therapy was sure to cause some damage.

Actually, I was very good and only picked up a few things. In Sephora I got some Amazing Grace by Philosophy. I got the lotion and spray in one box. I LOVE this's light and feminine and oh so nice.

Julie mentioned the other day that there is a Janie and Jack at this mall, so I had to check that out. Oh my, talk about out of my price range! But what beautiful clothes! They just happened to have a few sales racks and look at the beautiful dress I got for Lauren...

It's silk, fully lined, and has the light netting fabric under the dress to make it puff out a little bit. It's totally impractical, but what a great holiday or photo dress. It was originally $75 (I know, crazy, huh), but it was on sale for $19.99 and it's a size 2T, so I know it will fit.

Look at how pretty they package up the outfits...

I guess if you're spending the regular price at this store, you expect stuff like this. The outfits I usually buy are just stuffed into a plastic bag...ha!

Yesterday I spent some time with my mother and nephew. We took him to Target to pick out a toy and then to lunch. Sometimes the things kids say just surprise you. We were in the dog food aisle and I asked Josh to help me pick out some treats for Lucy. As he's picking up the container he says..."Addy can't eat treats anymore because she's dead now". It just took me by surprise. I guess they just say whatever comes to mind. I'm sure you mommies have surprises like this all the time.

I wanted to share this book with you all...

Top 100 Baby Purees - 100 Quick and Easy Meals for a Healthy and Happy Baby. This book is filled with easy recipes using vegetables, fruits, pastas, beef, chicken and fish. The recipes look like stuff I'd actually make. A friend of mine gave this to me...thanks, Miyoung!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL weekend..
Love the dress.. that is very pretty.. Lauren will look sooo adorable in it..
I will have to check out the SALE racks too..
Love the book..
Have a Great Week girly..

i-Con said...

Great stuff. That dress is absolutely beautiful.

Yep, went in a Janie & Jack once. I had to ask where the loan counter was. Great score on the sale rack!

Jewels of My Heart said...

How fun!!!!!! Love the dress.... can't wait to see your beautiful daughter in it.

Julie said...

Oh I love that dress so much. So are you blaming me or thanking me for telling you about that store? ; )

Doris & Dan said...

Great retail therapy session!

Keep smilin!

Christie said...

Ok, well you know how I feel about Retail Therapy - and that dress is soooo cute, but then again, so is the way they package it. Oh, to be rich!

Kelly & Sindy said...

That's a beautiful dress Donna
I am glad you had a good weekend
you deserve it!!!

Have a great week!!!


Shannon said...


I LOVE Janie and Jack! They have GREAT sales and when they do I get the boys a few outfits from there. The clothes really are worth it and are just adorable. Of course I swear by Oshkosh and Old navy for my boys.

I love the dress!!

Jack and Palmer's Mommy

Carol said...

I'm all for skipping out early!! Glad you had a good time!!

I love that dress too!!!

Kim said...

Mmmmmm, Amazing Grace...I love this scent! I have the same lotion and fragrance set and wear it often. Totally feminine and clean smelling.

Looks like you had a great shopping trip!

OziMum said...

I love Gymb*ree and have roped my best friend into their site too! She has also shopped with Jan!e & Jack online... but I'm with you... its too pricey for me!!!

I'll stick with the Gymb*ree sales!!!! Good thing is, we don't have Gymboree here, so no one else is wearing the same outfits!!

Your bargain dress is just divine, though!!!

Catherine said...

Ooo...what a pretty dress! Lauren will look beautiful in it!

Thanks for the tip about the book too. Looks like another one to add to my book wishlist.

OH MY #6 said...

Off to check out Jane and Jack!